Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Red-Bones Is Awesome! - Princes Adam and Phillip Exposed!

So in this next post of my "Red-Bones Is Awesome" series we have a couple of Disney princes.

Remember in Beauty and the Beast how the Beast turns back into a human (unofficially known as Prince Adam in the fandom).

However, did you notice that when he turns from beast to human he shrinks a little bit....and for some reason so do his clothes.
They shouldn't have been staying on Prince Adam as well as they did.
....So Red-Bones fixed that problem and made this for me.
Yeah. That's much more accurate.

And now for our next one.
There is a scene in Sleeping Beauty where Prince Phillip falls into a stream.
He takes off his cloak, hat and boots to dry and some animals steal them in order to play around with Briar Rose/Aurora.
So my mind went into perverted overdrive and thought up this scenario.
A second group a animals saw what happened and thought it looked like fun, so they decided t do the same thing and stel some more of Prince Phillps clothes.
....The ones he was still wearing.
 So somehow, these cute and friendly little woodland creatures strip the clothes right off of Phillip and he doesn't quite know how to react to this embarrassing situation he finds himself in.
When an artist is willing to draw a weird-ass idea like this for you, than you know that they are made of awesome!

A couple more posts of Red-Bones awesomeness will be coming soon.
See you soon.


Anonymous said...

This is sexy. Hey, n ur 2nd musical video, there was that kellogg's advert right? Where can I find it?

Sidious said...

I'm currently looking for that clip in my archives for another requester.
And by archives I mean piles of old CD-R's I've had in storage for years. So it's taking a while and there is unfortunately the possibility that I have lost it too.
But I'll keep looking.

Anonymous said...