Saturday, September 26, 2009

Anime Recommendation - Inukami

Well it's about time I made another post.
And this time I think I'll give you a nice little anime recommendation.

Due to some posts made by Croup on his blog I became interested in an anime called Inukami.
It's a rather hilarious anime but there is one main reason I fell in love with it.

What is it you say?'s better to show you rather than tell you. ^_^

The main character (Keita) is stripped naked almost every other episode.
I find this rather refreshing for a show with more girls than guys in it.
Now I admit that my "Stripped and Embarrassed" fetish is what truly makes me love this anime so it may not be to every one's liking.
To get some more level headed info on this series check out it's wikipedia entry.

Oh and two more things...
The song you are hearing is actually the ending theme to Inukami and do please check out this detailed article on Croups blog about episode 2 of this anime.
You'll see why when you get there! ^_^

By the way, there may be another embarrassment music collage in the near future.
No promises, but keep your eyes peeled. ^_~

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Stripped For A Laugh

Ok, just like the "Busted" clip, some people have expressed an interest in seeing the source of some clips I used in my Embarrassment Musicals.
The clips in question involved two men getting various guys to model for them and eventually get them naked against there will.
Much embarrassment and hilarity ensues.

The clips come from a British softcore gay porn/comedy called "Stripped For A Laugh".
It is supposed to be like a "Candid Camera" TV Show, only all the gags involve getting guys naked and embarrassed. XD

Apparently this piece of softcore gold is one of a kind.
The folks who made this never made another like it (to the best of my knowledge) and I have never seen another quite like it from anyone else.

Here is a short video collage I made of scenes from "Stripped For A Laugh".
See if you like. ^_^

And yes.
That is music form Final Fantasy 8 that I used.
Tee hee.

Well I hope you enjoyed that.
Now if you want the whole scenes for your self, than here they are uploaded to Megaupload for you to download.

Please note that I am not the uploader of these files, so please do not give me credit for them.

Stripped for a Laugh - Billy 001.avi (15.11 MB)
Stripped for a Laugh - Billy 002.avi (12.38 MB)
Stripped for a Laugh - Billy 003.avi (28.24 MB)
Stripped for a Laugh - Dean 001.avi (26.75 MB)
Stripped for a Laugh - Dean 002.avi (36.76 MB)
Stripped for a Laugh - Dean 003.avi (32.73 MB)
Stripped for a Laugh - Jason 001.avi (34.21 MB)
Stripped for a Laugh - Jason 002.avi (28.2 MB)
Stripped for a Laugh - Jason 003.avi (34.39 MB)
Stripped for a Laugh - Kevin 001.avi (29.89 MB)
Stripped for a Laugh - Kevin 002.avi (26.76 MB)
Stripped for a Laugh - Marco 001.avi (18.58 MB)
Stripped for a Laugh - Marco 002.avi (14.95 MB)
Stripped for a Laugh - Marco 003.avi (21.59 MB)
Stripped for a Laugh - Marco 004.avi (11.72 MB)
Stripped for a Laugh - Marco 005.avi (29.97 MB)
Stripped for a Laugh - Marco 006.avi (24.05 MB)
Stripped for a Laugh - Rob 001.avi (19.76 MB)
Stripped for a Laugh - Rob 002.avi (27.71 MB)
Stripped for a Laugh - Rob 003.avi (32.74 MB)

Oh, and if for some reason you'd like to download my little video montage, here is a rapidshare link for it.



Monday, May 18, 2009

"Busted" - The unknown embarrassment clip

OK, I have had quite a few people asking me for the source of this footage I used in my second "Embarrassment Musical".
I'm afraid that the sad truth is...I don't know the source. :(
It was one of many embarrassment clips that Christoph sent to me when I requested his help.
He said that he didn't know the source either.
He only knew that the file was named "Busted" and appears to be in German (or some language similar to it).
I fell in love with it immediately, not just because of the naked embarrassment but also because the guy has long hair, and I likes me some long haired mens! XD
So since I don't have the info people have been requesting, I will post the clip that Christoph sent me in it's entirety.


Someone pointed out to me that the naked long haired guy kinda looks like Fabio.
Heh heh. ^_^

Oh! And if you would like to download this clip than here is a rapidshare link to it.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 and Strider Hiryu

Woo hoo!
One of my fave fighting games is going to be made available for Download on my PS3!

Marvel Vs Capcom 2!

This is super special awesome! XD
Not just because I will love to have this game again, but because I had recently been giving thought to buying a used PS2 copy of the game from my local Gamestop.
Unfortunately that little beauty costs $80.00 :P
So I'm sure this downloadable version will be much more affordable.

In honor of this wonderful news, I'm gonna post some pics of one of my fave Capcom characters to play as in the game.
Strider Hiryu!

Oh, and he is going to be in the process of being stripped and raped by some robotic tentacles.
Did I fail to mention that?

Tee hee! ^_^

I came across this pic set in a zip file of random yaoi/bara pics quite some time ago, so unfortunately I do not know who the artist is.
If anyone knows who made these pics than please let me know so that I can give them full credit.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Artist Spotloight - Harperdude

And now we have a post that focuses on the art of a guy is just down right awesome.
A good portion of his art is made for his own personal pleasure.
I think that's why I like it so much. ^_^
Art is always good when both the artist and viewer enjoy the finished product.
Lets look at some highlights! ^__^

Here we have Gambit of the X-Men.
It appears that some of his clothing has started to disappear.

And here we have the martial artist/actor Jason David Frank in just his briefs.
He's better known as his character Tommy the Green/White ranger.
Now come on, who didn't want to see Tommy stripped out of that Power Ranger suit! XD

Ah yes, Terry Bogard.
Pics of Terry in various states of undress has pretty much become a staple of Harperdudes work.
Woo hoo!
What an awesome thing to always draw more of! XD

And good old Ralf!
Another hottie from the King of Fighters video games and another one of Harperdudes favorite guys to strip down! ^_^

Oh look! Another guy named Terry. ^_^
Here is Terry McGinnis from Batman Beyond.
It looks like poor Terry has been drugged/knocked out by the gang of hoodlums known as "The Jokers" and taken advantage of.
Did I mention that another reason I love Harperdudes stuff is because he's more than willing to indulge in my Embarrassment fetish! ^_^

The boys of Final Fantasy VIII having a bit of fun on a big comfy couch.

Classic Chris Redfield naughtiness! XD

And here we have some of Harperdudes original characters.
Alex - The guy with blond highlights.
Matt - The guy with red hair
Cid - The guy with blue hair.

Uh oh!
Cid being retrained and stripped.
Looks like something is about to happen here!

I hopw you all enjoyed these!
Go see them and more at Harperdudes blog.

Artist Spotloight - Wrong

And now we come to the artist known as Wrong!
Almost every one of there pics fits so well into my embarrassment fetish.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Artist Spotloight - Jubell

Recently the artist Jubell contacted me to let me know that they are now venturing into the realm of homoerotic art and they were kind enough to choose me and my blog as one of there outlets for this new venue.

And Jubell knows what I like! XD
Just look at that!
A stripped and thoroughly humiliated Spider-Man!

And whats this?
Ooooooooooooo, just look at those nice pink cheeks! ^___^

Jubell has made an offer to draw some pics for me as well, so hopefully Jubell will become a regular contributor to the blog! ^_^
So lets all welcome Jubell!

Jubell can also be found at my other favorite online hang out, Y!Gallery.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Time to do something around here!

Haven't done anything in a while, so lets post something just for the hell of it! ^_^! XD

Now haven't we all wanted this to happen.
There we are walking along the beach with our best bud who also happens to be a smoking hot stud when we trip and fall, and during our fall we try to stop it by grabbing onto our friend.
But we slide right down him onto the ground (must have been all that sun tan lotion he was wearing).
As we look up we see that we have taken our friends trunks/speedos down with us.
What a sight! XD

This pic is by the ever lovin Dongsaeng.

Ah ha! The Flash is using his powers in one of me favorite ways.
Speed Stripping! XD
Here he has relieved Batman of his utility belt and outer underwear. XD
Your outfit doesn't leave much to the imagination without those undies dose it Batsy? ^_^

By my buddy CrimsonBlood.

Jimmy Olsen - Wow Superman! That was some battle.

Superman - Yes, but I was able to win in the end.

Jimmy Olsen - Would you mind posing for a picture for the Daily Planet.

Superman - Not at all. *Poses*

Now if only Superman had paid more attention to just how bad the battle damage to his costume was before he allowed any picture to be taken.
Tee hee! ^_^

Everyone need to start watching Hajime No Ippo!
The reason being that this piece of fanart by Daevakun is not that far off from actual events that take place in the story. XD

Uh oh.
It looks like Spidey has had yet another run in with the wicked Sidious!
Who has once again left him with little clothing, no dignity and one honey of a hard on! ^_^

Read the story Prancing Pervert Pants Free if you didn't get that reference. ^_~

This pic has been on the internet for years.
I remember coming across it when I first got into yaoi, and I still think it's one hot fanatsy!
We loves it! ^_^

I love Icemans version of a battle between the guys of Justice League and Parallax!
Thats how fights should go!
First you make sure to remove anything covering your opponents naughty bits, and then you summon some tentacles! XD

Oh come on!
Is this doujinshi cover not just adorable! XD

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Spidey Commission Goodness. ^_^

This commission of mine is by the wonderfully talented artist Frenchie!
Spidey was lost in thought and didn't notice hat he was headed right towards a flag pole. He is able to dodge it at the last second thanks to his spider sense....but unfortunately for him his costume didn't fair so well.
The flag pole caught a hold of his costumes lower half and...well...see what happened for yourself. ^_^

And here we have an amusing lite commission.
This one is by JC Art.
Spidey was just minding his own business when all of the sudden...
Some invisible hands start to unmask more ways than one!

Same pic but with a colorful background! ^_^

And this one is not a commission.
It is a pic drawn by Spryte!
He decided to draw his own version of "Sidious" having his way with every ones favorite wallcrawller. ^_^

Heh heh. I cant believe I forgot to post this one earlier.
This commission is from the artist Gojira.
Lovely isn't it. ^_^
Johnny and Spidey were having a friendly little argument when Johnny decided to suddenly end it by Flaming On and Burning/Tearing Spideys pants off!
Well that's one way to win an argument! XD