Saturday, February 21, 2015

Classic story "The Heist" now with illustrations!

There has been a story on the internet for years that I think almost every fan of the "Stripped and Embarrassed Men" fetish has read and loved.
It's called "The Heist" and it's about...well...a heist. A bank heist to be exact.
And what happens when you have an attractive trio of a security guard and two managers at the mercy of a bank robber with quite the perverted streak?
One of my favorite stories ever that's what.
I unfortunately do not know the name of the author though, so if any of you can tell me than I am all ears and would gladly appreciate the info.
Now I could just post the story itself and that would be enough....however I commissioned RedBones once again!
And he went and drew three pictures for the story!
So read through the story and you'll come across some surprises!


The Heist!

Erik worked as a bank security guard to help with his college
expenses. He attended a rural college in a small Virginia town so
there was never much concern about crime. Most of Erik's time
spent flirting with the tellers and studying when the bank was closed
in the afternoon. In the two years he'd worked there nothing
exciting had occurred with the exception of an occasional irate
customer. The bank's manager and assistant manager, Doug and
were only a few years out of college themselves. Erik had worked
with Jared for over a year but Doug, the new manager, had just moved
to this branch about two weeks prior.

Erik had college classes with a couple of the weekend tellers so he
always looked forward to the Saturday shift. The tellers were all
female so he was working overtime flirting and kidding around between
customers. The women loved flirting with him. He was lean and
lanky, six feet tall and full of boy-next-door charm. Typically only
one manager was in the bank on Saturdays. However, Doug was putting
in a lot of hours to become more familiar with the customers and
staff. Doug and Jared had both been able to stay in great shape
since school â€" Doug and his wife worked out at the gym every
day and Jared was an avid runner.

As was typical for a Saturday, the morning had been quiet â€" very
customers. However, business steadily picked up until a line of ten
customers had formed at closing time. When Erik reached the lobby
doors to lock up, three men slipped in just ahead of him. He greeted
them with a broad smile and said "Just under the wire!" They
respond, heading to the back of the customer line. Erik locked the
doors and turned back to the teller line. He would remain there to
unlock the door as customers finished their transactions.

Suddenly the three men that had just entered the bank pulled shotguns
out of their coats and yelled, "This is a hold up! Everybody get
down on the ground and you won't get hurt!" Erik's heart
leapt to
his throat. He always wondered how he would handle a hold up and now
that it was happening he felt very unsure of the best course of
action. However, since there were three of them, he decided to
cooperate and try as best he could to protect the customers and
staff. He started to get down on the ground with the rest of the
customers and employees.

"What the fuck do you think you're doin'?" the first
robber yelled,
directly a frightening amount of rage in Erik's direction. At
point Erik was on his knees and he stopped dead, not sure whether he
should respond. "Stay on your knees and get your hands on your
head." As the rest of the people in the branch continued to lay
down on the ground, Erik did as he was told, freezing there on his
knees and putting his hands on his head. The first robber
continued "If anybody tries anything funny, we're going to
make sure
this cop here has a real bad day. Got it?!" Erik felt his mouth
beginning to go dry.

The second robber walked over to Erik and removed his gun from his
belt. He then shoved him down on the ground, reiterating the first
robber's threat "You're gonna' remember this day for
the rest of your
life, cop. That can either be sixty years or a few more minutes.
Your call."

The third robber proceeded to the teller window and started
collecting cash from the first teller. She quickly gave him what
cash she had in her teller drawer and calmly slipped him the die-
pack â€" a wrapped stack of twenty dollar bills that was set to
red die all over the stolen money once it was removed from the bank.
The robber effortlessly identified the stack of twenties as a die-
pack and yelled to the first robber "Looks like we got ourselves
troublemakers here." He waved the die pack in the air a couple
and tossed it across the lobby to the first robber.

"People, let's make no mistake. We're a lot smarter than
you think
we are. Just in case any of you are thinking about tripping an
alarm, we're gonna' make an example of the cop, here. If you
want the same thing to happen to you, keep quiet and don't try
anything heroic."

Erik's heart stopped. He began frantically thinking of all the
unimaginable fates that he might be facing." He glanced over at
manager's area where Doug and Jared watched helplessly, laying
their desks.

"Okay cop, stand up."

Erik felt his body going numb as he climbed back to a standing
position by the front double glass doors of the lobby.

"So it looks like one of the tellers tried to outwit us and
gonna' have to make an example of you. But I'm gonna'
give you a
choice. You can either take a bullet between the eyes…or you can
start getting undressed."

Erik stammered, "Get undressed? Like… whadaya mean? How

The first robber stared at him for a moment then glanced around the
bank. The hostages' attention had now refocused on Erik.
just play it by ear. Now get that shirt off or you're gonna'
right now."

Erik took his hands off the top of his head and began unbuttoning his
black uniform shirt. His mind was racing. He didn't want to
his clothes off in front of his co-workers and all of these
customers, but he had no choice. He hoped that if he took long
enough the robbery would be over before things got too embarrassing.

He pulled his shirttail out of his pants and slowly let the shirt
fall from his shoulders.

The second robber had moved on to the second teller. Without looking
up he yelled, "This is taking too fucking long, folks! I think
cops gonna have to get a little more comfortable over there!"

The first robber grinned menacingly and yelled over to Erik, "You
heard the man. I'll take that shirt." Erik tossed his black
shirt to the robber. "Keep taking off your clothes â€" nobody
told you
to stop!"

Erik took a deep breath and pulled his undershirt off over his head.
The robbery wasn't moving fast enough â€" at this rate he might
his pants, too. He tossed the undershirt across the room and
swallowed hard, hoping that attention would move to some activity
other than him. The first robber scooped up Erik's undershirt
the floor and pointed his shotgun down at Erik's shoes.
"What size
shoe you wear?"

Erik searched his memory for a second â€" how could a piece of
information this basic be so difficult for him to remember? "Um,
ten and a half."

"You don't fucking know your shoe size? I'm a ten, son.
Toss `em
over here and I'll tell you what your fucking shoe size is."

"Both of them or just one?"

"Might as well be both â€" the way things are going here it
looks like
I'm gonna' end up with a lot more than your shoes!" The
robbers laughed and glanced over at Erik as he fumbled on one leg
trying to untie his left shoe. He began to hop around and fell into
the wall behind him. Regaining his balance, he stopped trying to
untie the knot in his shoelace and just pulled it off, throwing it
towards the robber. As he pulled the second shoe off, he realized
that ever eye in the room was fixed on him. Even the hostages on the
ground had moved their heads in his direction so they could watch
this humiliating event unfold. As he tossed the second shoe to the
robber, he stood back up rubbing his hands up and down his thigh.

His mouth was dry but he tried to swallow and then mustered the
courage to speak, "Okay, look, we're cooperating. I'm
not going to
cause you any problems so just get your business finished up and get
on out of here."

"What's the problem? Don't wanna' lose your pants?
Well guess what,
motherfucker, you just lost `em. I sure hope for your sake
wearing underwear!"

As uncomfortable as Erik was at the prospect of taking off his pants,
the comment about underwear convinced him they weren't going to
him take off everything. He relaxed a little and started to unbuckle
his belt. He left the belt on the pants and began unbuttoning and
unzipping his fly. Once again he glanced up and realized that not
only had all eyes turned to watch him take off his pants, now the
robbery seemed to have ground to a halt. All three robbers were
paused with their eyes glued to the events unfolding before them.
The thought that he had become the main attraction gave Erik a very
uncomfortable feeling. He stood straight up with his thumbs fumbling
under the waist of his pants. After a moment or two of Erik's
stalling, the first robber cocked his eyebrow and moved his shotgun
back up to Erik's line of sight. Erik dropped his eyes to the
and let go of the waistband of his pants. The weight of the belt
caused them to drop straight to the floor. Instead of bending down
to pull them off, he just used one foot to stand on them as the other
foot lifted out of them. Then he reversed his footing to remove the
other foot leaving his pants in a tangled mess on the floor.

His head was racing and he was beginning to feel faint. He'd
with these people for two years and he knew most of the customers by
name, and now here he was standing in front of them in nothing but
his black socks, white jockey shorts, watch and a gold necklace.

"Kick those pants over here and get your hands on your head."
silently complied.

While all of the hostages continued to leer at him, the robbers
returned to robbing the bank. Several minutes passed but it seemed
like hours to Erik, trying to imagine how ridiculous he looked in
nothing but underwear and black socks. At least the attention had
moved back to the robbery and he wasn't going to have to take
anything else off. The first robber was now watching the teller line
with Erik's clothes in a pile at his feet. With his back still
turned towards Erik, the first robber glanced over towards the
managers' area where Doug and Jared tried their best to be
invisible. "One of you two over there on the floor is going to
me open the main vault. And here's how we're gonna'
determine which
one it's gonna' be."

Doug and Jared stared at the first bank robber, awaiting his next
sentence with dread.

"We got a cop over here that's just about nekkid. And one of
gonna' help me open the vault. The other one's gonna' be
lookin' a
lot more like our cop buddy in a few minutes." At this point,
robber turned back to Erik and let out a howl of laughter. "Nice
socks, son! Here's your part of the contest. Take off those
goddamned socks and â€" you wearin' a watch? â€" you can keep
underwear on but everything else comes off." Erik dutifully
complied, removing his socks first and throwing them over to the bank
robber. Next he took off his gold necklace, a gift from his ex-
girlfriend, and his watch, throwing them across the room as well. He
wasn't enjoying this predicament but at least it was pretty clear
that at this point he was going to get to keep his white jockey
shorts, the only thing he still had on.

The robber turned back to Doug and Jared on the floor across the
bank. Both of them were so panicked that they were hardly
breathing. "So, which one of you is gonna' help me open the
and which one of you wants to start getting undressed?"

Doug looked at Jared and whispered in a defeated tone, "It's
call Jared." Jared quickly stood up, saying "I'll help
you with the
vault." Doug just stared forward, dreading what he was soon
going to
be forced to do.

The robber shouted back to Jared, "Stay where you are! This is a
contest!" Jared froze. "It looks like both of you
wanna' keep your
clothes on so this is what we're gonna' do. You see that
nekkid cop over there?" Erik's heart began to race, he
didn't like
where this was headed. "The goal of our little contest here is
get him buck nekkid so the first one of you to hand me his underwear
gets to help me open the vault. The other one gets to join our cop
au natural."

Doug and Jared remained frozen, not sure what to do next. Erik stood
with his hands on his head. His expression was that of sheer
terror. Neither Doug nor Jared wanted to humiliate Erik by stripping
him naked in front of all of these people but then again, neither one
of them wanted to end up in the same condition either. All eyes in
the bank were locked on Doug and Jared. The third robber broke the
silence, "What the fuck are you two waiting for, a fucking
invitation?" At that, all reason disappeared and Doug shot up
the floor and began running towards Erik. Jared realized that he was
going to have to fight to avoid total public humiliation so he jumped
over Doug's desk and grabbed him from behind, swinging him to the
ground. Doug was back up lunging for Erik. Erik stood frozen as the
two managers lumbered towards him. Instinctively he grabbed both
sides of the waist of his jockey shorts and backed up against the
wall of the bank. Jared reached him first grabbing the right leg of
his underwear and pulling down. Erik countered by pulling up on the
waistband. Doug reached him a second later and began prying
hand loose from the waistband of his rapidly stretching underwear.

"Get the fuck away from me! Come on you guys! Please don't
this!!!" Erik screamed. The bank robbers started laughing as
and Jared began pushing each other all the while pulling down on
Erik's jockeys. Doug pried Erik's left hand away from his
and yanked the left side of his shorts down past his knee. Erik
moved his right hand over his crotch in a vain attempt to cover his
dick. Both managers pulled down the legs of his underwear as his
thick, black pubic hair came clearly into view on both sides of his
fist. Erik became aware of the air-conditioned cold on his bare
butt, fighting against the inevitability that in a few short moments
he would be stripped completely naked. Jared struggled with
right hand as the elastic band of his underwear began to rip.
Suddenly in one frantic rip, Jared pulled Erik's torn underwear
his naked body, leaving him standing pressed against the glass wall
of the bank wearing nothing but a stretched elastic waistband, held
up by his cock. Suddenly he realized that he was now completely
naked and all eyes in the bank were glued to his crotch. He quickly
dropped his hands to cover himself.

Jared ran back across the lobby to the first bank robber with the
tattered remains of Erik's underwear. Doug stood next to Erik,
shocked, realizing that he was about to be subjected to a forced
striptease in front of seven coworkers and ten customers - eight of
whom were women.

The first bank robber took the underwear out of Jared's hand and
raised his shotgun in Doug's direction. "Looks like
we're gonna' be
seeing a lot more of you in the next few minutes, huh? So don't
stand there, start stripping and don't stop `til you got
nothing else
to take off. GO!"

Doug, startled by the force of the robber's voice, slowly reached
and loosened his tie. "This can't be happening," he
thought to
himself. Then suddenly the robber told him to stop.

"Wait a minute, we're supposed to have a naked cop over there
but it
looks to me like he's still got part of his underwear on. Take
elastic off him and bring it over here." Doug thankfully stopped
taking off his tie and pulled the elastic off Erik's waist. As
walked it over to the bank robber, the robber looked back at Erik and
calmly said "Who told you to take your hands off the top of your

Erik became light-headed. Slowly he took his hands off his dick and
placed them on top of his head. Only minutes ago he'd been fully
dressed in his black security guard uniform. Now his six-foot frame
was completely exposed. His huge pecs had just a little hair on
them. His cock wasn't overly thick but it hung about 4 inches
his bushy black hair. His legs were considerably hairier than his
chest. With every eye on him, he stood there buck naked with no
means of hiding or covering himself up. What's worse, he
realized that he was standing in front of a plate glass window facing
a busy street. The second robber realized that at the same time and
told Erik to lower the blinds behind him. As much fun as it was to
humiliate this buff security guard, he didn't want to draw
to the bank in the middle of a holdup. Erik turned his back to the
lobby full of eager eyes and began to lower the blinds. His butt was
lightly covered in black fur, just like his legs. His tan stopped
abruptly above his butt and started again just as abruptly below his
crotch. Where he wasn't tanned his skin was pale. It was
a rare occasion to see Erik this naked.

After handing the elastic band to the robber, Doug stood still,
hoping the robbers would get back to robbing the vault and leave him
alone. No such luck.

The first robber raised his shotgun to Doug and calmly said
first, then shoes and socks, and you can take it from there."

"We're wasting time here," chimed in the second robber,
"Let's see
how fast you can go from casual wear to wearing nothing but a
smile." The second robber raised his shotgun to Doug and began
step forward. "You have fifteen seconds."

Doug was looking down the barrels of two shotguns. He had no
choice. Working frantically, he pulled off his watch and wedding
ring dropping them to the ground while kicking off his wingtips. He
yanked off his socks letting them fly across the room. "Seven
seconds!" the first robber sneered. Doug pulled his tie off over
head, unbuttoned two of the top buttons of his shirt and yanked both
his dress shirt and undershirt off over his head in one swift
movement flinging them across the room hitting one of the customers
in the face. She quickly pulled the shirt and undershirt away from
her face and continued staring at Doug's frantic movements. He
pulled open his belt and tore open the fly on his dress slacks,
yanking them to the ground along with his blue silk boxers. He
frantically sat down on the cold tile floor and rolled onto his back
pulling the pants and boxers away from his legs, in the process
giving everyone a close-up view of his spread butt cheeks and anus.
Once the pants and boxers were off he hurled them across the lobby
towards his desk. He was now as naked as Erik, and abruptly shocked
to be in this situation. At that point he sat up with his legs tight
together trying to hide himself. The first bank robber glanced
up "Just under the wire." Then to Erik, "Come over here
and show him
how a good nekkid bank manager's supposed to behave during a

Erik looked confused. "What do you mean?"

"I mean you're standing there with your dick blowin' in
the breeze
and your hands on top of your head. Misery loves company, don't
Convince your buddy here to stand up proud like you and put his
fuckin' hands on his head. He's buck nekkid so he's got
nothing to

Keeping his hands on his head, Erik walked over to Doug and put one
hand under each armpit, lifting him off the ground. Then, with some
force, Erik pulled Doug's hands away from his crotch and put them
top of his head. Everyone was momentarily stunned. Doug stood over
six feet and had wispy blond hair. His chest was chiseled and
covered with a thick coat of blond hair leading down his washboard
stomach to a huge bush of dark blond pubic hair. His cock, no longer
hidden by his hands, swung back and forth. It was thick and long
Jared guessed it was about ten inches. Despite the fact that he had
nothing to be ashamed of, Doug was weaving from the humiliation.
Neither he nor Erik had ever been naked in public before and standing
here like this in front of all these fully clothed people was too
much for them to bear.

The first robber grabbed Jared's arm and started leading him to
vault. "Cuff `em," he barked at the other two robbers.
The second
robber pulled two sets of handcuffs from his jacket pocket and told
Erik and Doug to jump up on the tellers' counter. Keeping their
hands on their heads, they walked over to the teller windows, climbed
up on the counter, and struggled with bare feet to balance on the
narrow shelf in front of the protective glass of the teller stations,
their naked backs pressed firmly against the glass. The robbers then
herded the hostages into the teller stations behind the protective
glass. The second robber hopped up on the teller counter with the
two naked men and ordered them to stand as close to each other as
they could while turning them to face the glass. Doing so forced
Erik and Doug to face all of the hostages huddling in the confined
space in front of them. The robber then poured silicone lubricant at
waist level on the glass in front of them and on Erik's left side
left leg where it came into solid contact with Doug's right side
right leg. He then handcuffed their wrists over a pipe at the
ceiling. They were both forced to lean against the glass to keep
their balance on the narrow shelf, rubbing up against each other. As
they jerked back and forth against the glass trying to keep their
balance, their dicks rubbed against the silicone lube and their naked
bodies rubbed against each other. As diligently as they tried not to
move, they had to keep shifting back and forth, rubbing against each
other and rubbing their dicks against the silicone on the glass. It
didn't take long for both of them to realize they were beginning
get hard.

Inside the teller's area, the hostages were mesmerized. Here
them were two extremely attractive men, both of them handcuffed with
the hands above their heads balancing on their bare feet, both of
them stripped completely naked against their will, forced to rub
against each other and grind their dicks against the thick glass of
the teller window. It was impossible to avoid noticing that now both
of their dicks were inching up the glass in jerking movements,
swelling in length and girth. For the most part, they avoided eye
contact with the hostages, choosing to stare at each other for
support. "Oh my god, I can't believe this is happening.
Holy shit!"
Erik said watching beads of sweat form on Doug's forehead.

"I can't help it, I'm getting hard as a rock," Doug
replied in a
whisper, trying to hide his face from the hostages so they
be able to make out what he was saying.

"I can't stop it." Eric said no longer trying to mask the
panic in
his voice. "I can't stand still. Try leaning against me for
balance." Doug leaned his weight into Erik's left side.
Unfortunately, it only hastened their impending erections.

Meanwhile, in the vault Jared had unlocked the main vault door. Now
he was alone in the vault with the first robber, opening the master

"I suppose you're pretty pleased not to have had to get
nekkid with
your cop buddy, huh?" the robber asked, his tone oddly friendly.

"Yeah, I'm pretty shy," Jared replied, trying to sound
calm. I don't
think I could have handled it. I've never been naked in public

"Never? You've never been to a nude beach or gone streaking
nothing like that?"

"No. And I don't want to start," he said as the master
vault door
swung open.

"The robber handed him a bag. "Put the cash in here. Oh
yeah, and
when you're done putting the cash in there, toss your clothes in
there, too. Looks like I'm gonna' have to introduce you to a
public nudity."

Jared froze. "But you said if I got Erik's underwear…"

"Yeah, if you got me the cop's underwear, I wouldn't make
you strip.
However, you didn't bring me ALL of the cop's underwear, did
Seems to me that your buddy out there brought me just as much
material as you did and it doesn't seem fair that he's out
naked as a jaybird while you get off scot-free.


"Hey, shut the fuck up and face the fact that the next time you
out of this vault, you and your naked buddies out there are going to
have more in common than your place of employment. Now start
emptying the cash in the fucking bag. You got some stripping to

Jared began to shake visibly. The robber just laughed
quietly. "Don't be so nervous. Once you walk out of this
stark naked, you'll never be shy about it again."

Jared continued piling cash into the bag. His voice was on the verge
of tears, "But I don't want to be naked here. I…I work
with these
people. What if…you know, what if I get hard?"

The robber put a hand on Jared's shoulder like a comforting big
brother. His friendly tone returned, "Don't worry about

"Re-really?" Jared's masculine voice had reduced to a
whisper. "You
don't think I'll get hard in front of everybody?"

The robber rubbed Jared's shoulder and breathed deep, exhaled and
calmly whispered, "Oh no, I guarantee you're gonna' get
hard in front
of everybody â€" I just don't think you should worry about it.
in front of everybody is going to be much more embarrassing than just
getting hard."

Jared stopped moving, staring forward in disbelief. "Please
make me do this. Please, I'll do anything just please let me
keep my
clothes on."

"Keep moving. We gotta' get this bag full and you gotta'
catch up
with those friends of your out there." Jared choked back tears,
trying not to let his mounting terror show.

In the lobby, Doug and Erik were now sporting full-blown hard-ons,
still grinding themselves against the glass teller wall. Doug was
still trying to hide his face from the hostages. "I'm never
going to
be able to face these people again. Are you hard, too?"

"I'm hard as a rock. I wonder if we can turn around and face
other direction."

"I don't have a lot of give on the handcuffs but I'm
willing to
try." Slowly, methodically, they began to turn away from the
The only way they could maneuver the turn was by turning towards each
other. Erik moved his left foot off the counter and Doug moved his
right foot, both of them dangling one leg free four feet off the
floor. As they turned to face each other, their chests, cocks, and
the front of their legs began rubbing together, spreading the
silicone lube all over each other. Doug thought he was going to cum
and tried to back away from Erik. "This isn't working,"
he said and
slowly admitted defeat by turning back to face the glass, the
hostages and his captors. After another minute of trying without
success, Erik, too, turned back around to the glass to continue
grinding his ever-expanding crotch into the lubricated glass wall.

In the vault, Jared took the last pack of twenties out of the master
vault and placed it in the bag. "Please don't make me do
this…" he

The robber's tone was still unnervingly warm. "Son, stand
Jared complied. "Now turn around and face me." Again, Jared
complied. "I know you don't want to do this. I know you
don't want
to strip naked in front of your friends." Jared's head
dropped and a
tear streamed down his face. "But the truth is, you're a
hostage in
a bank robbery, I'm holding a shotgun that could take your head
and I gave you an order to strip down to your skin. Now you can
either get carried out of here in a body bag or you can walk out of
here barefoot, bare-assed and naked to the world. These are the
cards you've been dealt so I would strongly advise you start with
your shirt and keep taking stuff off until there's nothing left.
Come on now, let's get it over with."

Jared wiped a tear off his cheek and took off his tie. "Good
Now put that in the bag on top of the cash."

"Yes sir."

"Now the shirt…" Jared unbuttoned his light blue Oxford
shirt and
rolled it up, putting it on top of his tie in the bag. "Good
you're doing fine. Keep going." Jared pulled his t-shirt
off over
his head and looked pleadingly at the robber, to no avail.
halfway there. Keep going." Jared leaned against the wall and
off his shoes and socks, then loosened his belt, unbuttoned and
unzipped his dress slacks and pushed them down over his muscular
legs. "You're doin' fine. Just one more little piece of
Jared was no longer trying to hide his fear. He wiped more tears off
his cheek and appealed one last time.

"Please mister, you've got your money and I tried to get you
all of
Erik's underwear â€" I swear - but they ripped. Please, let
this be
enough and I'll do anything."

The robber calmly grabbed a knife out of his pocket, reached over and
cut both sides of Jared's boxer briefs. They fell to the floor.
Jared stared down at them in disbelief. "Now, pick up your
underpants and put them in the bag with the rest of your clothes.
Also, take off your watch and your rings. If we're gonna'
parade you
around naked for the first time, we better do it right." Jared
complied and stood before the robber, cold and utterly naked, numb
from the fact that he was about to be forced to walk into a room full
of fully clothed people. "Okay son, turn around so I can see all
you." Jared was mortified. He turned and let the robber see all
sides of him. "You got a nice ass. Okay, now pick up the bag
walk out of the vault in front of me. And hold the bag behind you so
everybody gets a good full monty view."

Jared picked up the bag of cash and held it behind his back. He took
a deep breath, balancing himself against the vault wall for a moment
until he was sure he wasn't going to pass out, and slowly started
walk towards the vault entrance.

The robber suddenly grabbed his arm and turned him around. "Hold
there. I'm having second thoughts. You can't go out there
this." Jared's heart leapt. He had thought he was making
with this guy and now it looked like he wasn't going to have to
out into the lobby nude after all.

"You mean I can have my clothes back?"

"No, I mean you aren't hard yet." The robber grabbed
Jared's cock
and began massaging it. In about fifteen second, Jared was rock
hard. "Okay son, turn around and march out into that lobby, walk
directly over to the teller window and you be proud of that hard-on
of yours."

Jared was weaving, nearly passing out from anxiety. He turned to
face the lobby and started his march. When he turned to corner from
the vault to the teller window, he stopped cold. In the vault he was
unaware that Erik and Doug had been subjected to such amazing
humiliation. He backed up several steps towards the robber.
no, pleeease don't do that to me. Pleease!!!"

The robber's comforting demeanor melted away. "Shut up you
little fuck. When we finish with you you're going to WISH
we'd hog-
tied you like those two."

By this time, all heads in the bank had turned towards Jared, the
newest naked victim. The robber spun him around and wrapped his arm
around Jared's neck. "If you don't want this asshole to
end up with
a hole in his head, you'll stay where you are and not call the
for the next hour." Then he called to the other two robbers,
the teller area so nobody can get out. You folks can stay there
until Monday morning and enjoy the strip show if you like. Or if you
want you can call for help on one of the teller phones â€" but not
an hour after we leave. Either way boys," he said, directing his
comments to Erik and Doug, "When help arrives, you're
gonna' be buck
nekkid and hard as a rock. That should look good on the security

As the other two robbers emerged from the teller's area, locking
door behind them, one of the two called over to the robber holding
Jared. "These two ain't cum yet."

"You gotta' be shitting me," Jared's captor called
back. Then to
Jared: "Looks like I got a job for you before we leave."

The robber shoved Jared, erection bobbing wildly, towards the teller
window. "You're gonna' make them cum in the next 30
seconds or
you're not going to live to see Sunday."
The robber held his shotgun up to Jared's head.

"How…How should I…"

"I'd say since your life depends on it, you better learn to
give a
good blow job pretty fuckin' fast." Jared stared in
disbelief. "You're wasting time."

Jared ran over to the manager's area and grabbed a desk chair.
naked and his erection bouncing against his stomach, he carried the
chair over to where Erik and Doug were bound. Jared hopped up on the
chair, looking past Erik and Doug into the eyes of the other
hostages, their stares moving from his face and his swollen dick. He
spun Doug around and froze, staring at his huge erection, easily
thirteen inches erect. Doug whispered down to him, "Go ahead,
Jared. We don't have much of a choice here."
With that, he took as much of Doug's dick into his mouth as he
could. He'd never done anything like this before, and now here
was doing it to his boss, both of them completely naked, as was the
bank security guard beside them, five feet away from ten mesmerized,
fully clothed customers. It took no time for Doug to cum all over
Jared's face. Without missing a beat, Jared reached over to
spinning him around and swallowing him all the way to the base of his
cock, gagging but quickly recovering. Erik began moaning, clenching
his hairy ass against the glass partition behind him. In about a
minute he came deep in Jared's mouth. Jared didn't even know
it had
happened until Erik yelled down to him, "Stop! I came already!
can stop!"

The robber that had talked Jared into taking off his clothes barked
from behind him, "Okay, now it's your turn. Let these nice
see you cum." Jared hesitated, not knowing what to do.
"What are
you waiting for? Put on a show! They know you can suck and they
know you can swallow. Show `em you can cum, too. Start

Jared reluctantly turned to face the glass partition, his coworkers
and customers, and began to jerk off frantically, fighting to
maintain his balance on the desk chair. Doug and Erik stared down on
him, their erections beginning to recede. Jared began to moan and
stood up on his tiptoes, then arched his back, grabbing Doug's
for support, shooting all over Doug and Erik's legs, cocks, and

With that, the robbers walked over to Doug and Erik, turned them back
around to face the hostages. Once again they were helplessly pressed
up against the heavily lubed glass, but now they were covered in cum
mostly Jared's.

The robbers tossed the desk chair across the lobby, rifled through
Erik's discarded pants, found the key to the front door and
to head out. At the last minute, the robber that had forced Jared to
strip walked over, grabbed him by the neck and started marching him
out into the bright Saturday sunshine. Once Jared realized he was
about to be thrown outside without a stitch of clothes on, he began
to panic, yelling "NO!! NOOOOO!!!!" The robber disregarded
pleas and shoved him out the front door towards the getaway car.
Jared fought as best he could but there wasn't much he could do
fight off the three robbers. Fighting naked left him at an extreme
disadvantage. They threw him in the back seat of the car and peeled
away from the bank.

As they drove off, the first robber turned to Jared cowering in the
backseat, hands over his crotch. "Don't worry buddy, I
promised you
a good first encounter with public nudity and that's what I'm
deliver." The robber in the backseat slapped handcuffs on his
and cuffed his arms behind his back. A half-hour later, 30 miles out
of town and in broad daylight, they threw him out of the car, unhurt,
on the shoulder of Interstate 64. Jared had no choice but to try to
flag down help, buck naked and with his hands cuffed behind his back.


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Wow, I really enjoyed this. Thank you very much!! Amazing story and art. Really glad you're continuing with this blog <3

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I think that this is a one-time sketch from the Tracy Ullman show and not a regular series.

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