Friday, September 12, 2008

Embarrassment : The Musical ACT 2!

At long last, here it is!
The second (and probably last) part of the Embarrassment Musical! ^_^
I hope you all enjoy it just as much as you enjoyed the first part.

As I mentioned in the videos credits, a lot of these clips were brought to my attention by my fellow embarrassment nudity enthusiast CHRISTOPH! ^_^
If it werent for him there would have been a lot more repeats in this video from the last one.
But i'd also like to take this time to point out that a few of these clips are from Snicks, a fellow blogger!
You should check his two blogs out.

Snicks Videos
Snicks Softies

Please enjoy my attempts at amusing you everyone! ^_^


timemonkey said...

Anouther great video! Of course I was left wnatign to see more of some clips (although I actually knew where some of them came from ^_^).

Christoph said...

Loved it, Sid. Your editing and choice of music were spot on. One question! The frontal scene of the guy hanging there losing his pants that follows the stilts-guy near the end - what is that one from? And thanks for the shout outs - you are too kind.

Sidious said...

Thank for the comments! ^_^
I expected I might interest people with these clips Timemonkey! XD

And Christoph...
Thanks for the lovely comment and to answer your question...
It's from a really cheesey Slasher/Horror movie called "DEAD BOYZ DON'T SCREAM".
It's basically a bad horror movie that gets it's male characters naked every chance it gets.
Unfortunately it also kills them all off. So it may not be to your likeing. But I dont know, you may like cheesey Slasher pics. I do!
The scene I showed of the guy loseing his pants while hanging in the air is both a humiliation and death scene. Thats why I showed so little of it. The part with his shorts falling off and his cock getting exposed was the only part of the scene I thought was good for my embarrassment fetish. The rest of the scene is both morbid and bloody.
The murderur has tied a rope around his neck and has him hanging in mid-air, thats why I show no shots of his face. They then take a pair of scissors and cut the draw-string on his shorts causeing them to fall off him and leaving him naked.
They then take the scissors and cut...well...his "You Know What" off! And then he dies. ): can see why the whole scene may not be apealing to you.
However, if you dont mind cheesy horror than you might enjoy it.
I got the clips I used from Snicks second blog.

The 3 posts with clips from this movie are...

It's the third post that has the paticular clip we were talking about.
But like I said, be careful.
I dont know if these clips will be to your liking or not.

Jonesy said...

This one is even better than the last. Must've been a lot of work. Any chance of a high-res version?

What's the clip of the big guy stuck outside his house with the road cone from?

Dave said...

Great video.

There's a specific clip that I am really interested in. Its where these two guys talk a model into taking off all his clothes. I have only seen part of it, but I recognized it in your video. Is there any way you can post that, or at least let me know how I can get it?

Jimgod said...

Love your blog and this musical! Any chance we'll have a key to the scenes in this one like in part one? What is the name of the site on that clip with the guy losing his towel in the door? There's a 6 on the bottom of the screen. Keep up the good work.

TwistedHilarity said...

Now I can comment here too. Just love this so much I about died. And I read your response to Christoph - I saw previews for that movie! (Dead Boyz don't scream). I was thinking of checking it out, but eh, sounds a bit too gory for me, dang. The preview made it out a bit more funny and a bit less gory, so I'm so glad you mentioned it!

But still - laughed so hard people are looking at me funny. Just wonderful, as usually!

kbmontrose said...

Once again a great video. As has been asked, any chance of a key to let us know (as you did with the first one) where these scenes come from? Thanks so much!

SoupGoblin said...

A labor of love, Sid. I laughed my ass off!

Ruben said...

They have this one clip that has James Roday (or someone who looks a lot like him) covering with a cowboy hat. I have a crush on him, so I'd love to know what the clip came from so I can watch it.

Anonymous said...

when the credits start rolling, and that hot blonde guy escapes through the patio door, where's that from?

Anonymous said...

Hey! Found your site randomly and it's amazing.

So many of these references I actually remember LOVING (lusting?) as a kid. What was that show with the two guy spies called again? Didn't it only have a few episodes. I can't believe you know that show...

dinochild65 said...

I love clip 47 with the guy realizing hes naked in a crowd of people. Wheres that from I'd love to see it with audio in all its humiliating glory. Do you have youtube channel you should post this shit :O)