Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Hello boils and ghouls, and Happy Halloween!
Yup, that's right, this is gonna be my Halloween post.
I'm a little upset though. This was going to be a new Vlog episode but my video editor crashed on me twice and wouldn't create the file, so we'll have to celebrate Halloween with an old fashion blog post.
So here we go, how shall I bring my embarrassment fetish into this holiday?
I think I'll tell you all about a couple of little characters that have popped up in some commissions of mine.
Ghosts.Spirits of the dead, doomed to wander the earth, never knowing the peace that death was supposed to give them.
And cute faced little floating sheets!

Everyone remembers seeing little guys like this floating around in peoples Halloween decorations, and of course since they are a part of my childhood memories, I feel the perverse need to use them in my embarrassment fetish!'s not entirely my fault this time around.
I stole the idea to use these ghosts to strip people from an artist on DeviantArt named legmuscle.
He dose some brilliant art that focuses on stripped and embarrassed scenarios.
But where I focus on men being embarrassed, he prefers to focus on the fairer sex.
Now thats all well and good, I likey the ladies just as much as the men (I'm sure that surprises some of you - Thats a subject for another time) but I definitely prefer seeing men on the receiving end of a good embarrassment nudity scene!
But that doesn't mean I cant appreciate the wonderfulness of an embarrassment scene no matter whose in it.
Which leads us to this pic I found in legmuscles gallery.

I friggin loved this idea!
Two cartoony ghosts, using their...uh...ghosty powers to phase the clothes right off of a person without them noticing it!
And so since this idea was so awesome I needed to take it and see if it worked on guys as well as it seemed to on ladies.

The results were most satisfactory!
Their first appearance in a commission of mine involved them meeting Gourry from the anime Slayers and is drawn by Demona.
Slayers is one of my all time favorite animes by the way.

Now while Gourry is a handsome man and very skilled swordsman, he is not the brightest bulb in the box. The ghosties realized this and took advantage of his inability to notice things right away.
You gotta love that man.

The second time I used these two little guys was in a Ranma commission.
Ranma Saotome saw the two ghosties coming towards him and thought they were looking for a fight. He got in a battle stance and waited for them to attack, but instead they just passed right through him, but they also took some souvenirs with them.

I love how they leave a few items of clothing on the folks they strip! It makes the rest of their nudity so much more noticeable and embarrassing.
This was drawn for me by Goldenkitsunequeen on Y!Gallery and she did a great job with it. I am especially fond of the onlookers she drew in the background!

The next time I used them, I returned to the Slayers fandom and had them go after Gourry again but also added Zelgadis into the mix as well!
This time around, instead of a pic I asked for a comic.
I think the stripping works so much better in a comic format!

This is probably one of my all time favorite commissions.
I technically consider it incomplete, because one day I want to pay FruitDrop to go back and color it for me!

Thats all I have used the ghosties for so far, but I already have plans to use them for some more stuff.
But before I end this post I'd like to show you these pics.
The ghosties weren't my first try at haunted house molesters!
Before them I liked to use disembodied ghost hands to hold guys in place and then undress and molest them!
I used this scenario on both Zel and Gourry not once but twice! XD

I'm afraid thats all I have for Halloween this year, I had a story in mind. I called it the "Pervy Pumpkin Patch", but I couldn't get it written out well, so no story this year.
Oh well, maybe I'll try and type it up anyway and post it as a late Halloween treat sometime in November. ^_~

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Sid Vlog Episode 1

The first of what I hope will be many installments of my new Vlog.
Also, I'd like to apologize in advance for how I sound in this video.
I had just gotten over a bad cold and my voice wasn't back to normal yet.
And...sorry if you find this boring. It was kinda hard to find a way to introduce this vlog and keep it entertaining.

See you next episode!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Embarrassment Enhancements

OK folks, this time we have a couple of pics and a couple of videos!
First up we have the scene from "Drop Dead Fred" that you should all be familiar with by now since I've mentioned it a few times.
I was very surprised to find that almost everyone who likes embarrassment nudity knows of this scene and considers it one of the best examples of the fetish.
Anywho, on to the video!
Lets ogle some sexy muscular toga-clad waiter ass! XD

And as you can tell, all thanks goes to Cinemale for that clip.
Now as awesome as that scene is, we all need to admit that it could have been better if we got a frontal shot!
And that leads us to why this post is called Embarrassment Enhancements.
I am taking classic embarrassment scenes that I love and commissioning artists to enhance them so that nothing is hidden! XD
For these two pics, we will be getting our art from the awesome J.C. ^__^
So here it is! The long awaited frontal view of the de-togaed waiter from Drop Dead Fred!

Awwwww yeah! That was awesome! ^__^
And now onto the next scene!

In the mid 90s the Lawrence brothers stared in a sitcom called Brotherly Love. Good God! The filthy things I wanted to do to Joey Lawrence! Hell, he still looks good these days and I would totally jump his bones!
Anywho, one of the early episodes featured the second youngest brother Matt joining the drama club at school and doing Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Nights Dream". Standard sitcom fare. But throughout this episode is a subplot with the eldest brother Joe (Which I have affectionately titled The Naked Joe Subplot) which ends with him posing naked in front of an art class!
Now I have included the entire subplot storyline in this clip rather than just the final scene because it is all just so darn amusing. Brotherly Love was actually a really good show.
And you have just got to love Lloyd (the big guy) in this clip, for various reasons, not the least of which being what he dose to Joe at the very end.
Oh, and I put the wrong episode number in this clips title.
This all happened in episode 4, not episode 6.
Sorry about that. : P
Anyway...on to the clip! XD

And so here we are!
Joey Lawrence..oops! I mean Joe Roman in all his glory! XD
This is what that ladies head was keeping us all from seeing in the clip. Dammit bitch! Move your fucking head!
Sorry, I get a little mean when you come between me and my embarrassment nudity.

Didn't J.C. do one hell of an awesome job with this pic? It looks sooooo good.
And I am not just referring to that delicious looking piece of dangling man-meat!
I love how he not only did his best to get the face to look just like Joe but he also did an awesome job with he background! He even altered the sketches on the wall to be more fitting with this scene! XD
I loves ya J.C.
Here's hoping we can do business again in the future! *Kissy Kissy*

I'll see ya all in the next post. ^__~

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day from Sid and Tux

Sid - Hey guys! I just wanted to wish you all a happy valentines day! But you all need a present to go with that, so I decided to bring in one of my long time anime crushes to help out. TUXEDO MASK! Say hello Tux.

Tux - ...

Sid - Oh that's right, I forgot that I had to paralyze him in order to do what I wanted to do. Silly me.

Tux -

Sid - Now now Tux, don't go fighting it. You agreed to help me give everyone a nice present for valentines day. So lets get started!

Sid - Woo hoo! Look at them naughty bits jiggle!

Tux - *blushing*

Sid - OK, I guess that's enough for today. Just let me get a few more good gropes in there.

*Grope* *Fondle* *Grope* Fondle*

Sid - Alrighty, that should be good enough for todays perversion. Time to let him go.



Sid - Tee hee! *disappears*

Tux - You sick pervert! How the hell am I going to get home like this?!

*He notices something is missing*

Tux - Wait a minute. Wheres the rose I was just holding?

Tux - How did he even...? Oh god. Time for the most humiliating exit Tuxedo Mask has ever made. *blush*

*dashes away*


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Random Lovelies!

Lets get right into this post!
First we have this amusing little comic by Heyohwhoa!
I commissioned this as a gift for Croup so it caters to both my stripping fetish and his spanking fetish. They sync up rather well. ^__^
So Joe Higashi was doing his usual taunt but his opponent didn't appreciate it so he pulled Joes shorts off completely and started spanking him right in the middle of the ring!

And after he did that he asked for something else to do on a livestream cause he was bored, so I showed him THIS CLIP from the movie "Drop Dead Fred" and asked him to draw the poor embarrassed de-togaed waiter!

Someone has got to tell me who drew this! I must know so that I can thank them for drawing a scene right out of my imagination!
I'm more of a Marvel fan than a DC fan but I have been giving the DC universe a looksee recently and I was immediately attracted to the idea of the Lantern Corps. One of the main reasons being that I immediately thought up all the ways those rings could be used in my stripping fetish!
And then I find this pic and I'm all "EEEEEEEEK! AWESOME!!!"

And now I need to introduce you all to PsychoShinji!
She's another awesome artist and she dose some great work with men of Lupin the 3rd.
She's been doing some awesome stuff with Jigen, like this pic where he is being raped by tentacles!

But I have always been a fan of Goemon myself.
Just look at him!
He looks so cute when he's embarrassed!

So needless to say I was thrilled when she started to do more naughty pic with my dear samurai! XD

And I just about fell outta my chair when she made this pic!
And the awesomeness doesn't end there!
She says she is going to make a Lupin doujin that centers on Goemon humiliation!
I am soooooooooo looking forward to it and will totally buy a copy when it comes out!

And here we have EllieWolf.
I haven't spoken to her in a while but she did some awesome stuff with me in the past. Here are a couple of pics that were born outta a little joke I made about a pants stealing monster.
The other wolf demon you see in the pic is Kitakaze, an OC who was Inuyasha boyfriend/husband in a little story she had going on.

And the other dude in this pic is actual Sesshomaru and Kougas son!
Yeah...there was some Mpreg in these stories.

Explosiv22 has an awesome style that they draw both their characters and others characters in!
I loved they way they drew Johnny Storm/The Human Torch and I especially loved this pic of his pants being yanked down! XD

So I of course commissioned them to show Johhny accidentally burning his clothes off with his flame powers!

And here is Rubius who has done some awesome stuff with guys from Danny Phantom, Kim Possible and American Dragon.
But this little comic featuring the boys of Danyy Phantom is one of my faves!

Now I'm not a big Naruto fan myself, but this pic by Light24 is just precious!
It looks like everyone was having a ninja training session when everyone suddenly decided to gang up on Sasuke and strip him!

EvilLeeOnami is an artist who I had been meaning to commission for quite some time and when I finally did...whoo boy! Just look at this awesomeness.
First Ranma has his shirt and pants torn off him by Ryoga and Mousse in their cursed forms and now finds himself running after them as they play keep away through the streets of Nerima!

And now Gosunkugi has a go at humiliating Ranma by using a VooDoo doll to take his pants off and force Ranma to go running around naked from the waist down. Ryoga saw this display by Ranma and went up to him to confront him about his actions but right as he started to say some fighting words...Gosunkugi starts giving Ranma a blow job via the voodoo doll and Ryoga doesn't know what to make of Ranmas panting and very obvious erection! XD

And this last pic is not a commission of mine but just one of her older works that happens to coincide with my interests very well!
I love seeing Zelgadis stripped! XD

That's all for now! See you in the next post! ^__~

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Uncharted : Drakes Nudity

So I am a big fan of the two Uncharted games for the PS3 and I can not wait to play the third one that comes out in a little less than a year! XD
Now you all know me and can probably guess that there is something other than fun gameplay that has me loving this new video game series.
And you probably made the correct guess.
Yup. I love the games protagonist Nathan (Nate) Drake!
Such a fine specimen of manhood! A shame though that he never loses any clothing in the games to show off that bod of his.
I mean come on game developers! Would it really have been that difficult to give us a "Shirtless Drake" skin as an unlockable reward on the game? XD

Oh well. There are some awesome folks online who have decided to help us Drake fans out in the nudity department! ^__^

First off we have this nice piece by the talented Nookiedog.
I love the alternate game title he's come up with here! XD

And now these two pieces by the lovely Explosiv22.
I love their more animated version of Nate!
Both the fully clothed...
And not quite as fully clothed versions! XD

Unfortunately I do not know the artist for this pic. I came across it on a message board. If you know the artist than please tell me so that I can give them proper credit for getting Drake naked and wet for us! ^___^

Ah ha! Now we get into my contributions to the Uncharted fandom!
This piece is by the artist Gojira and was done as a commission for me.
I rather like how this looks as thought Nate is posing for a a gamers edition of Playgirl! XD

Now you may have seen this one in my video tribute to Demona.
Yup this is by her and for me.
I always thought that the Uncharted games could do with some tentacle action. ^____^

And here we have a pic set by my dear Harperdude.
I suggested making it look as thought Nathan Drake was being forced to strip at gunpoint by some bad guys! And he did not one but two versions of that idea!
One wear the bad guys were nice enough to let Nate keep his briefs on and one where they weren't as kind to him. Tee hee! XD
I love how smug he still looks!

And now for some fun with Sablechan!
He was offering some sketch commissions so I immediately jumped all over the opportunity to get more Drake porn!
It's basically the same idea as what Harperdude drew for me, only this time the bad guys tied Drakes arms behind his back and stripped him themselves! ^_______^

And here we have a request pic that the wonderful Branchlaw did for me!
I wanted to see the results of Drake going through some really troublesome thorn bushes to get to his current treasure and here is what we got!
He even gave it the lovely name "And those were my favorite pants too".

These next two pics are by the DA artist Phoenix-Cry and believe it or not I had nothing to do with these pics scenarios! Phoenix-cry came up with them all by herself!
In fact, she actually wrote out the scenarios for both pics as little ficlets on there respective DA pages. Go check them both out HERE and HERE. ^__~
Oh and check THIS out! She animated the first pic! Unfortunately she also put pants on him. : P

And here is the latest naughty pic of Drake.
Another commission of mine from the wonderfully talented FruitDrop!
It's the same concept as the pic Branchlaw did for me, but I just had to see it done in FruitDrops style! I LOVE IT!!! XD

And that's all for now folks! ^__~

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Montage of past two musicals

The first thing that you need to know is is this...
There are NO NEW CLIPS in this video montage.
This was just a little test I did that wound up amusing me so much that I wanted to share it with you all.

I received some new video editing software for Christmas and I wanted to test it out to see if I'd be able to make a new decent Embarrassment video for the blog.
Well I uploaded the finished versions of the two previous Embarrassment Musicals and it suddenly gave me the option of selecting a music file and then letting the program create a music video all by itself.
So I thought "Hmmmmm, interesting" and selected a catchy tune from my Anime Music folder and then hit "Create Video".

This is what I got...

Heh heh.
Yes this amused the hell out of me and I hope it dose the same for you.
I also hope this goes to show you all that I am indeed trying to do something for this blog despite the very long runs of inactivity.
I'll try and post again soon.
See ya later! ^_~

The song you heard is from an anime called "Maze".
It's the animes ending song and is titled "Junk Boy".