Thursday, June 27, 2013

Red-Bones Is Awesome : Fishing For Swimsuits (or) Trunks Snatching

So Summer officially started a little while ago, and in honor of that I present to you my latest commission from Red-Bones. And it's a stripping animation of course. ^__^

And with this piece of awesomeness we come to the end of my tribute to Red-Bones.
I'm sure he and I will do more great commissions together in the future though. ^_~

Now keep an eye out for some more awesome artists whose works will be featured here soon. XD

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Red-Bones Is Awesome : Gambit Stripped By The Danger Room (Still Images)

In yet another moment of awesome, Red-Bones made these still images while making that superb animation of Gambit being stripped naked by the Danger Room.
He thought that maybe I would want to see his take on this scene in a non animated form.
And he did different versions, just in case I couldn't decide on which part of the stripping I liked best.

Here's the main still image where in the stripping is shown to happen all at once rather than bit by bit as it did in the animation.
I love Gambits "Uh...what?" expression! XD

And then he went ahead and made a little series where it shows the stripping progress bit by bit just like in the original commission. Just without the metal tentacles doing the stripping actually being seen by us.

I love it! I love it! I love it! ^_____^
This commission is definitely in my top ten favorite commissions ever list!

OK, I should have one last piece to show you in the "Red-Bones is Awesome" series and then we'll move on to some other stuff.
Brace yourselves. The last piece will be a new commission done last month.
It commemorates the start of summer and is another animation.
I'm sure you'll all love it! ^__~

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Red-Bones Is Awesome : Hermes Strips Hercules

Now this one here is very near and dear to my heart.
Not just because it's awesome and hot as hell, but because this animation was not a commission.
 It was a birthday gift.
Yup, Red-Bones did this for me as a surprise present!
I had told him about an idea I had for a commission where Hercules is being undressed by an unseen force....and a couple of weeks later he surprises me by taking that random idea of mine and turning it into this piece of awesome you now see here!

I cant tell you how often I squeal with delight when I watch this animation!
Thank you Red-Bones. Thank you for being awesome!

Now if for some reason you are having trouble with this loading properly here (My "Gambit Stripped By The Danger Room" animation had a bit of trouble before) than you can also find it on Red-Bones Y!Gallery page where he has divided it into two smaller animations.
The first part is here.
And the second here.

Just a couple more posts folks.
And the last one will be a reveal of a new commission I got just last month, and I think that you will all love it.

See ya soon. ^__~

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Red-Bones Is Awesome! - Princes Adam and Phillip Exposed!

So in this next post of my "Red-Bones Is Awesome" series we have a couple of Disney princes.

Remember in Beauty and the Beast how the Beast turns back into a human (unofficially known as Prince Adam in the fandom).

However, did you notice that when he turns from beast to human he shrinks a little bit....and for some reason so do his clothes.
They shouldn't have been staying on Prince Adam as well as they did.
....So Red-Bones fixed that problem and made this for me.
Yeah. That's much more accurate.

And now for our next one.
There is a scene in Sleeping Beauty where Prince Phillip falls into a stream.
He takes off his cloak, hat and boots to dry and some animals steal them in order to play around with Briar Rose/Aurora.
So my mind went into perverted overdrive and thought up this scenario.
A second group a animals saw what happened and thought it looked like fun, so they decided t do the same thing and stel some more of Prince Phillps clothes.
....The ones he was still wearing.
 So somehow, these cute and friendly little woodland creatures strip the clothes right off of Phillip and he doesn't quite know how to react to this embarrassing situation he finds himself in.
When an artist is willing to draw a weird-ass idea like this for you, than you know that they are made of awesome!

A couple more posts of Red-Bones awesomeness will be coming soon.
See you soon.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Red-Bones Is Awesome : The Men Of Slayers

Since I posted that awesome Aladdin pic Red-Bones made for me in the blog post before last, I suddenly remembered that I actually had a few different things from him that need to be shared with you all.
He truly is an awesome person to work with as a commissioned artist, so I've decided to dedicate the rest of June to him.
So here is the first post for this little  "Red-Bones is awesome celebration."
The Men of Slayers.

So I don't know if I've told you all this but "Slayers" is probably my faveorite anime series of all time!
And so of course I have found myself falling in love with almost every male character in it.
This commission was actually meant to be something of a challenge for Red-Bones.
Almost all of his art has been focused on Disney and other western characters. I believe that this might be his first attempt at drawing men from an anime series.
And I think he did A great job!
I love the way these guys got interpreted into his style. I can tell who is who and yet they still look just different enough in Red-Bones style that it looks so neat to me!

For those of you who dont know, here is who these sexy guys are...

The dude with the green hair and horn growing out his head is Valgaav. He's one of the villains from the third season (Slayers Try). He's actually a dragon that has been infused with the power of a Mazoku/Demon. This is just the form he takes on to interact with others. Only....well...more naked than usual.

Next to him is the guy with purple pageboy haircut. This is Xellos. He's a Mazoku/Demon (or Monster if you go by the original translation) and he is actually quite evil. But he's a lot of fun too. In fact I like to think that he's the cause for this picture. I'm sure he spiked everyone's drinks and talked everyone into this naked man pile!

The guy holding on to Xellos' dick is Zelgadis. He's a Chimera. That means that he was once a human but has since been magically merged with a Rock Golem (that's why he has little stones all over him) and a Brau Demon (and that's where he gets the odd colored skin/hair). He spend prtty much the entire series searching for a way to get back to normal. Good luck Zel, in the meantime we'll just ogle that sexy chimeric ass of yours.

The guy with the long blonde hair is Gourry. He's a genius swordsman who's not really that good at being smart in other areas. Oh well, thank God for that sexy body.

And the last guy with black hair is Zangulus. He's a swordsman too and considered himself Gourry's rival. So of course I wanted to seem them naked together!

If ytou havent seen Slayers yet, than you need to.
And if you haven't commissioned Red-Bones yet, than you need to do that as well.

OK, see you in the next post. ^__~

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Spider-Man Stripped a tornado?

Yup, you read that title correctly.
Oh the things that one can find when frolicking through the internet. This little comic comes from a blog which collects newspaper comic strips published in a place called Medan which is located in...Indonesia?
Yeah...I have no idea how I wound up there. But it was all for the best since by being there I found this little gem of a comic strip.

Is this not a comic that seems to have been thought up by me? I guess all those perverted brain waves of mine wound up influencing some poor artist in Indonesia.

You know what...I am very tempted to commission someone to redo this idea and make it show more naughty parts.
I guess I'll put that on my list of commission ideas.

Well....that's it.
I just really felt the need to share this with you all.

Monday, June 10, 2013

First Post In A While....And It's All About Aladdin!

And so here I am again to once again make a promise that I will not let this blog die.To commemorate what is going to be something of a rebirth of this place (hopefully), lets start with some commissions/requests I’ve gotten over the years featuring on of the first animated crushes of my childhood.
Disney’s Aladdin.

 Firstly are two requests done for me by Frenchie.
She is on of the best artists on the Internet for homoerotic Aladdin/Disney art in my opinion.
Here we have what is actually the very first piece of art Frenchie ever did for me.
 A fully stripped and an almost fully stripped restrained Aladdin.


 And here is a little sketch she did for me on a whim.
Al was stealing some bread and the guards noticed. Al thought he could outrun them but forgot just how baggy his pants were. One good grab from the guard and “RIIIIP!!!” goodbye pants and hello public nudity!

Next up is a commission from Darian821.
He dose great work for a great price! Give him a look whenever you get the chance.
I asked him to draw Aladdin being forcibly undressed by some attackers off-screen, and then show him running after said attackers while they made off with his stolen clothes.
I love the way he drew Als naughty bits here! You can practically hear them slapping against his bare skin as he chases after the clothing thieves!

 And then we have this commission from the lovely Demona!
I’ve featured this pic in a video collage before but don’t think I have ever posted the pic itself.
Well here it is now! In all it’s naughty glory!
Genie was feeling extra mischievous one day and decided to steal the belt/sash from around Aladdin’s waist, meaning that those baggy pants of his quickly found themselves on the floor around his ankles!
 As a follow up to that, I came across an edit someone did on an image board.
They had edited quite a few pics to fit into a “Hypnosis” fetish and chose my commission as one of their edited pics.
I don’t know how Demona feels about this editing, but as the commissioner I can say that I don’t mind. In fact I kind of find the hypnosis thing pretty hot.

And last but certainly not least in this parade of Aladdin naughtiness is RedBones.
This wonderful artist has recently allowed his talents to be used for my strange stripping fetish with a few commissions, and two of those commissions involved Aladdin!
First we have an animation. This was my first Redbones animation commission. The next one I got was the Gambit being stripped by the Danger Room one I posted about a year ago.
This one here features Aladdin who seems to have forgotten to wear his belt/sash (or maybe Genie stole it again) and those baggy pants of his just cant seem stay up without that extra help. And to make matters worse, he got a raging boner right before his pants fell down.
Good for us and our horniness, bad for Al and his dignity.

 And the next RedBones Aladdin commission (and the last pic in today's post) is one of my absolute favorite commissions ever!
Seriously, I put it in my top 10 list.
And to make things even better, RedBones has said the he too considers this one of his favorite commissions because of how it turned out even though he had no idea how to handle my weird request.
Well here it is.
Al was so eager to have the magic carpet get him out of the cave of wonders that he wasn’t paying attention to low hanging stalactites and once again “RIIIIP!!!” off came those baggy pants!
They are really becoming a detriment to maintaining your dignity Al. Maybe you should change your look.
...Or you could just cut out the middle man and walk around everywhere naked. That seems to be what happens to you anyway.
With a perfect shot of that hot ass shoved right in our faces, now would be a great time to make a "The End" joke for this post. But I'll restrain myself from doing that.

Well that's it for this post.
See y'all next time! ^__^