Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Red-Bones Is Awesome : Gambit Stripped By The Danger Room (Still Images)

In yet another moment of awesome, Red-Bones made these still images while making that superb animation of Gambit being stripped naked by the Danger Room.
He thought that maybe I would want to see his take on this scene in a non animated form.
And he did different versions, just in case I couldn't decide on which part of the stripping I liked best.

Here's the main still image where in the stripping is shown to happen all at once rather than bit by bit as it did in the animation.
I love Gambits "Uh...what?" expression! XD

And then he went ahead and made a little series where it shows the stripping progress bit by bit just like in the original commission. Just without the metal tentacles doing the stripping actually being seen by us.

I love it! I love it! I love it! ^_____^
This commission is definitely in my top ten favorite commissions ever list!

OK, I should have one last piece to show you in the "Red-Bones is Awesome" series and then we'll move on to some other stuff.
Brace yourselves. The last piece will be a new commission done last month.
It commemorates the start of summer and is another animation.
I'm sure you'll all love it! ^__~

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