Monday, June 17, 2013

Red-Bones Is Awesome : The Men Of Slayers

Since I posted that awesome Aladdin pic Red-Bones made for me in the blog post before last, I suddenly remembered that I actually had a few different things from him that need to be shared with you all.
He truly is an awesome person to work with as a commissioned artist, so I've decided to dedicate the rest of June to him.
So here is the first post for this little  "Red-Bones is awesome celebration."
The Men of Slayers.

So I don't know if I've told you all this but "Slayers" is probably my faveorite anime series of all time!
And so of course I have found myself falling in love with almost every male character in it.
This commission was actually meant to be something of a challenge for Red-Bones.
Almost all of his art has been focused on Disney and other western characters. I believe that this might be his first attempt at drawing men from an anime series.
And I think he did A great job!
I love the way these guys got interpreted into his style. I can tell who is who and yet they still look just different enough in Red-Bones style that it looks so neat to me!

For those of you who dont know, here is who these sexy guys are...

The dude with the green hair and horn growing out his head is Valgaav. He's one of the villains from the third season (Slayers Try). He's actually a dragon that has been infused with the power of a Mazoku/Demon. This is just the form he takes on to interact with others. Only....well...more naked than usual.

Next to him is the guy with purple pageboy haircut. This is Xellos. He's a Mazoku/Demon (or Monster if you go by the original translation) and he is actually quite evil. But he's a lot of fun too. In fact I like to think that he's the cause for this picture. I'm sure he spiked everyone's drinks and talked everyone into this naked man pile!

The guy holding on to Xellos' dick is Zelgadis. He's a Chimera. That means that he was once a human but has since been magically merged with a Rock Golem (that's why he has little stones all over him) and a Brau Demon (and that's where he gets the odd colored skin/hair). He spend prtty much the entire series searching for a way to get back to normal. Good luck Zel, in the meantime we'll just ogle that sexy chimeric ass of yours.

The guy with the long blonde hair is Gourry. He's a genius swordsman who's not really that good at being smart in other areas. Oh well, thank God for that sexy body.

And the last guy with black hair is Zangulus. He's a swordsman too and considered himself Gourry's rival. So of course I wanted to seem them naked together!

If ytou havent seen Slayers yet, than you need to.
And if you haven't commissioned Red-Bones yet, than you need to do that as well.

OK, see you in the next post. ^__~

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