Monday, June 10, 2013

First Post In A While....And It's All About Aladdin!

And so here I am again to once again make a promise that I will not let this blog die.To commemorate what is going to be something of a rebirth of this place (hopefully), lets start with some commissions/requests I’ve gotten over the years featuring on of the first animated crushes of my childhood.
Disney’s Aladdin.

 Firstly are two requests done for me by Frenchie.
She is on of the best artists on the Internet for homoerotic Aladdin/Disney art in my opinion.
Here we have what is actually the very first piece of art Frenchie ever did for me.
 A fully stripped and an almost fully stripped restrained Aladdin.


 And here is a little sketch she did for me on a whim.
Al was stealing some bread and the guards noticed. Al thought he could outrun them but forgot just how baggy his pants were. One good grab from the guard and “RIIIIP!!!” goodbye pants and hello public nudity!

Next up is a commission from Darian821.
He dose great work for a great price! Give him a look whenever you get the chance.
I asked him to draw Aladdin being forcibly undressed by some attackers off-screen, and then show him running after said attackers while they made off with his stolen clothes.
I love the way he drew Als naughty bits here! You can practically hear them slapping against his bare skin as he chases after the clothing thieves!

 And then we have this commission from the lovely Demona!
I’ve featured this pic in a video collage before but don’t think I have ever posted the pic itself.
Well here it is now! In all it’s naughty glory!
Genie was feeling extra mischievous one day and decided to steal the belt/sash from around Aladdin’s waist, meaning that those baggy pants of his quickly found themselves on the floor around his ankles!
 As a follow up to that, I came across an edit someone did on an image board.
They had edited quite a few pics to fit into a “Hypnosis” fetish and chose my commission as one of their edited pics.
I don’t know how Demona feels about this editing, but as the commissioner I can say that I don’t mind. In fact I kind of find the hypnosis thing pretty hot.

And last but certainly not least in this parade of Aladdin naughtiness is RedBones.
This wonderful artist has recently allowed his talents to be used for my strange stripping fetish with a few commissions, and two of those commissions involved Aladdin!
First we have an animation. This was my first Redbones animation commission. The next one I got was the Gambit being stripped by the Danger Room one I posted about a year ago.
This one here features Aladdin who seems to have forgotten to wear his belt/sash (or maybe Genie stole it again) and those baggy pants of his just cant seem stay up without that extra help. And to make matters worse, he got a raging boner right before his pants fell down.
Good for us and our horniness, bad for Al and his dignity.

 And the next RedBones Aladdin commission (and the last pic in today's post) is one of my absolute favorite commissions ever!
Seriously, I put it in my top 10 list.
And to make things even better, RedBones has said the he too considers this one of his favorite commissions because of how it turned out even though he had no idea how to handle my weird request.
Well here it is.
Al was so eager to have the magic carpet get him out of the cave of wonders that he wasn’t paying attention to low hanging stalactites and once again “RIIIIP!!!” off came those baggy pants!
They are really becoming a detriment to maintaining your dignity Al. Maybe you should change your look.
...Or you could just cut out the middle man and walk around everywhere naked. That seems to be what happens to you anyway.
With a perfect shot of that hot ass shoved right in our faces, now would be a great time to make a "The End" joke for this post. But I'll restrain myself from doing that.

Well that's it for this post.
See y'all next time! ^__^

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