Saturday, June 22, 2013

Red-Bones Is Awesome : Hermes Strips Hercules

Now this one here is very near and dear to my heart.
Not just because it's awesome and hot as hell, but because this animation was not a commission.
 It was a birthday gift.
Yup, Red-Bones did this for me as a surprise present!
I had told him about an idea I had for a commission where Hercules is being undressed by an unseen force....and a couple of weeks later he surprises me by taking that random idea of mine and turning it into this piece of awesome you now see here!

I cant tell you how often I squeal with delight when I watch this animation!
Thank you Red-Bones. Thank you for being awesome!

Now if for some reason you are having trouble with this loading properly here (My "Gambit Stripped By The Danger Room" animation had a bit of trouble before) than you can also find it on Red-Bones Y!Gallery page where he has divided it into two smaller animations.
The first part is here.
And the second here.

Just a couple more posts folks.
And the last one will be a reveal of a new commission I got just last month, and I think that you will all love it.

See ya soon. ^__~


Anonymous said...

Just a couple more posts?! And then what?!

Sidious said...

I just meant a couple more posts of my "Red-Bones Is Awesome" tribute. Then just regular posts that aren't about pics from Red-Bones will follow.

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yaoi rabbit said...

Oh wow.