Monday, April 19, 2010

Blog Recommendation

I have been following a blog called "Bare Naked Men" for quite some time and I suggest that you all should do the same! ^_^


Now I know that the title doesn't make it sound like you'd find anything different there than what you'd find in hundreds of other blogs but believe me, this little corner of the internet is special!
It's owner, Michael is quite good at getting clothed men naked.
.....Through the power of photo editing.

Just look at how he swiped the pants right off of Chris Evans! XD

But what makes this blog even more special is that he doesn't just focus on making fakes of well known male celebs. If he finds a pic of a hot guy that isn't already showing off there naughty bits, well then it's down with the the pants and up with the full frontal fun! XD

I knew that I would love this blog as soon as I saw that he had a fake of a certain wrestler that I nerve see fakes made of!

I have always had a HUGE crush on Shawn Michaels but no one on the internet ever seemed to share that opinion enough to put out some naked Shawn goodness for us all to enjoy. Mind you, if I had the talent then you'd probably be getting a piece of Shawn art in some shape or form almost every month! XD
So you can imagine my fanboy squeals when I saw that fake.

But it gets better.
Michael was kind enough to accept my requests and make not one but two more Shawn fakes!

Ahhhhhhh, the joy these pics give me. ^___^

Upon further inspection of the blog I came across a lovely little scenario that features one of my favorite mythological heros!
Hercules (as portrayed by Kevin Sorbo).

There was a delightful scene where Herc is caught by some goons and they rip his vest off for a little inspection.
Well on "Bare Naked Men" the scene goes a little further than it originally did in the show.

Hercs pants soon go the same way as his vest!

After a some teasing, lil Herc cant help but stand at attention.

Yum yum yum! That's some good demigod dick! XD

And now Hercs gonna be spending a few nights as the guys entertainment! ^_____^

Now you cant tell me you all didn't enjoy some part of this post!
So go and give "Bare Naked Men" a look.
There is a LOT to look at so I'm certain that there is something for each of you.

Happy fapping everyone! ^_^


Anonymous said...

Glad to see your posting again!

That guy does a pretty good job, it looks pretty natural. Lots of good stuff. Although ideally I enjoy the gradual stripping where a guy has less and less clothes on. When a guy is just naked it seems to remove some of the anticipation. But regardless he has a fun blog too.

DEVILMAN said...

Mmmm interesting!!!!
He have talent and patience, thanks for share!!!!
Ill explore his place on night time ;D