Thursday, April 29, 2010

Commission Exhibition - Demona

OK folks, there is a lovely lady out on the internet known as Demona and she is just made of awesome!
She has been so kind to me and has taken quite a large amount of my rather strange commissions without any questions asked. ^_^
So it is time to feature her work here in my blog.

Here you will find a video that shows all the commissions I've gotten from her.
It's quite classy.
...No really, it is.
Heh heh.

I have chosen to show off all my commissions in this video file rather than just posting them on my blog because I want you all to go visit Demonas online hang outs to see the full images.
You can find all these pics at the following places...

Demonas Web Page.

Demonas Y!Gallery Page.

Demonas Blog.

I hope my commissions amused you and Demonas artwork astounded you. ^_^

The editing in this vid is a bit of a warm up to a certain musical I still plan to make a third vid of.


Demona said...

Man I have done a bit of work for ya huh? Still it's actually pretty cool seeing them like this!!! One of the things I personally notice is the quality of some of them! But hey that's cool, show you keep coming back to me, MUAHAHAHA! Still ty so very much hon and I'm truly flattered by the vid ^//////^

Anonymous said...

Lo that was pretty hot eh? Like oh my god hot i'm biesexal uh i'm not good @ spelling, I know i spelled it wrong. Oh btw i love tentacle yaoi keep e'm coming more plesasa the more the merryer i'm i right? O3o/^x^......