Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Total Drama Embarrassment!

Have you all heard of a cartoon called "Total Drama Island"?
Well now you have! XD
It's a Canadian cartoon that just started showing on Cartoon Network a little while ago.
And...well...what it has taught me is....Canadian cartoons can get away with a lot of stuff!
One of my favorite things they do is they have at least one guy lose his clothes/dignity like every third episode.
So here are some examples of the fine embarrassment scenes this show from our Canadian friends gives us!

Did you all enjoy that?
I hope so, and I hope that you'll give this show a chance.
Not just for the embarrassment scenes (although that's what sold me on it) but because it's a genuinely funny!
Here's it's Wikipedia entry.
Read up and learn to love it. ^_^

And yes, I'm hoping to make posting videos a more common occurrence here in Sids Corner.


Anonymous said...

Hi! It's Frenchie from Y!

I totally love this show! As if you found naked scenes! Can always count on you for that stuff ;)

Omg. Do you watch 6teen? If you do, well, my bf worked on that show and there's one episode where Jonesy (sp?) streaks naked and there's a blur on his crotch for the tv version. I think my bf stole the actual unblurred version from work, and who ever animated that scene actually made the penis bounce. And he has blue pubes that match his hair. Hope you watch that show! I so do! I'll ask my bf if he still has it somewhere on his computer.


Sidious said...

Frenchie! You are just lovely! ^_^

I responded more thoroughly on Y!Gallery since I thought you might find it easier to respond there.