Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day from Sid and Tux

Sid - Hey guys! I just wanted to wish you all a happy valentines day! But you all need a present to go with that, so I decided to bring in one of my long time anime crushes to help out. TUXEDO MASK! Say hello Tux.

Tux - ...

Sid - Oh that's right, I forgot that I had to paralyze him in order to do what I wanted to do. Silly me.

Tux -

Sid - Now now Tux, don't go fighting it. You agreed to help me give everyone a nice present for valentines day. So lets get started!

Sid - Woo hoo! Look at them naughty bits jiggle!

Tux - *blushing*

Sid - OK, I guess that's enough for today. Just let me get a few more good gropes in there.

*Grope* *Fondle* *Grope* Fondle*

Sid - Alrighty, that should be good enough for todays perversion. Time to let him go.



Sid - Tee hee! *disappears*

Tux - You sick pervert! How the hell am I going to get home like this?!

*He notices something is missing*

Tux - Wait a minute. Wheres the rose I was just holding?

Tux - How did he even...? Oh god. Time for the most humiliating exit Tuxedo Mask has ever made. *blush*

*dashes away*



Matt said...

That was awesome I like the grand finale rose part most of all. I hope you do more like this one, maybe with Gambit. *drools* <3

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha, that was great.