Monday, September 1, 2008

Vintage Stripped and Embarrassed Loveliness!

Some of you might recognize this delightful clip from my Embarrassment musical!
Well, i've had a few folks express an interest in it so here is the actual clip it'self!
It's so wonderfuly corny! XD
The story is...
Two guys were out camping and decided to go swimming, but nearby an alien lands and is on a mission to check out the local life-forms.
He sees the two men prepareing to go swimming and decides to study them more closely.
The guys freak out when they see the alien approaching so the alien sets his ray gun to freeze and zaps the guys. Now they cant move as the alien inspects them.
One of the guys fights the freeeze ray and attempts to attack the alien but the alien re-freezes him and then punishes the guys by ripping their shorts off and then setting his ray gun to Control and uses it to force on of the guys to put on a little show!
The alien grows bored of this (I wouldnt mind you, but then, the alien is not me) and starts to head back to his ship.
But now the freeze ray has worn off and the guys go after the alien!
The video ends with all three in a fight for the ray gun! Who will win?

Dose not every part of this video just seem like something I would come up with?
I love it!
Is it corny and old? YES! Thats one of the reasons I love it! XD
And I hope you all do as well!

A big thank you to a fellow lover of embarrassment nudity by the name of Christoph!
Twas he who origonally posted this video on a message board!
So everyone thank Christoph! ^_^


timemonkey said...

Fun video, I wonder what happens next. XD

Heyohwhoa said...

They do look a lot nicer with the clean up and you laid them out so well. Great stuff :)

Christoph said...

Glad you like my stuff, Sid. Thanks for the shout out. Love your blog.

Leedsy said...

Grat video! wish you had more of it!

TwistedHilarity said...

woo hoo, I figured out how to leave a comment! The movie's hi tech must be about the same level as MY tech abilities, LOL.

This was damn funny. Can't believe I missed it! We need more alien love, really. This guy was obviously not dedicated to the alien explorative cause. You and I could come up MUCH more that really should be 'explored,' don't ya think? XD

DinosaurPrince said...

This is great! Did you ever find the rest of it, or it's name?