Monday, May 29, 2017

Happy Memorial Day

So I have decided to try and start this place up yet again.
And that decision just happens to coincide with the American holiday of Memorial Day.
So Happy Memorial Day everyone!
And what better way to celebrate this American holiday than by showing off a recent commission of mine featuring Captain America!

This awesome commission was made for me by the very talented EnemyGentleman.
They do some truly awesome (and sexy as hell) work!

They were also kind enough to do an alternate background version of this for me where instead of just a generic flag background, Cap and Deadpool are instead in a parade. Poor Cap was standing on a float and looking all patriotic when Deadpool decided that the American public needed to see his super soldier "enhancements".

Tee hee!
Happy Memorial Day Everyone.
And here's hoping to a return of at least semi-normal postings here on my blog.

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