Thursday, April 9, 2009

Artist Spotloight - Harperdude

And now we have a post that focuses on the art of a guy is just down right awesome.
A good portion of his art is made for his own personal pleasure.
I think that's why I like it so much. ^_^
Art is always good when both the artist and viewer enjoy the finished product.
Lets look at some highlights! ^__^

Here we have Gambit of the X-Men.
It appears that some of his clothing has started to disappear.

And here we have the martial artist/actor Jason David Frank in just his briefs.
He's better known as his character Tommy the Green/White ranger.
Now come on, who didn't want to see Tommy stripped out of that Power Ranger suit! XD

Ah yes, Terry Bogard.
Pics of Terry in various states of undress has pretty much become a staple of Harperdudes work.
Woo hoo!
What an awesome thing to always draw more of! XD

And good old Ralf!
Another hottie from the King of Fighters video games and another one of Harperdudes favorite guys to strip down! ^_^

Oh look! Another guy named Terry. ^_^
Here is Terry McGinnis from Batman Beyond.
It looks like poor Terry has been drugged/knocked out by the gang of hoodlums known as "The Jokers" and taken advantage of.
Did I mention that another reason I love Harperdudes stuff is because he's more than willing to indulge in my Embarrassment fetish! ^_^

The boys of Final Fantasy VIII having a bit of fun on a big comfy couch.

Classic Chris Redfield naughtiness! XD

And here we have some of Harperdudes original characters.
Alex - The guy with blond highlights.
Matt - The guy with red hair
Cid - The guy with blue hair.

Uh oh!
Cid being retrained and stripped.
Looks like something is about to happen here!

I hopw you all enjoyed these!
Go see them and more at Harperdudes blog.


Harper said...

Thanks for the plug Sid. That was nice of you.

Anonymous said...

woohoo, Gambit!

You know the picture you have of Flash getting stripped to the side, and Superman getting stripped to the side, etc etc, on the left side of your page? Could you make a post with all of them? I'd really 'preciate it.

naruto uzumaki said...

wow, gambit :) he's my favourite xmen character ! nice in your pic :)

This is my yaoi / hay male artgallery, check it, I'm sure you'll like it !