Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Time to do something around here!

Haven't done anything in a while, so lets post something just for the hell of it! ^_^
And...here...we...go! XD

Now haven't we all wanted this to happen.
There we are walking along the beach with our best bud who also happens to be a smoking hot stud when we trip and fall, and during our fall we try to stop it by grabbing onto our friend.
But we slide right down him onto the ground (must have been all that sun tan lotion he was wearing).
As we look up we see that we have taken our friends trunks/speedos down with us.
What a sight! XD

This pic is by the ever lovin Dongsaeng.

Ah ha! The Flash is using his powers in one of me favorite ways.
Speed Stripping! XD
Here he has relieved Batman of his utility belt and outer underwear. XD
Your outfit doesn't leave much to the imagination without those undies dose it Batsy? ^_^

By my buddy CrimsonBlood.

Jimmy Olsen - Wow Superman! That was some battle.

Superman - Yes, but I was able to win in the end.

Jimmy Olsen - Would you mind posing for a picture for the Daily Planet.

Superman - Not at all. *Poses*

Now if only Superman had paid more attention to just how bad the battle damage to his costume was before he allowed any picture to be taken.
Tee hee! ^_^

Everyone need to start watching Hajime No Ippo!
The reason being that this piece of fanart by Daevakun is not that far off from actual events that take place in the story. XD

Uh oh.
It looks like Spidey has had yet another run in with the wicked Sidious!
Who has once again left him with little clothing, no dignity and one honey of a hard on! ^_^

Read the story Prancing Pervert Pants Free if you didn't get that reference. ^_~

This pic has been on the internet for years.
I remember coming across it when I first got into yaoi, and I still think it's one hot fanatsy!
We loves it! ^_^

I love Icemans version of a battle between the guys of Justice League and Parallax!
Thats how fights should go!
First you make sure to remove anything covering your opponents naughty bits, and then you summon some tentacles! XD

Oh come on!
Is this doujinshi cover not just adorable! XD


Harper said...

Hey Sid. Just stopping by to link you to this as I thought you might enjoy it.


Take Care

Jubell said...

I agree with Harper. You probably want to check out the stuff on that blog.

Now, in other news, how could someone get their work onto your blog?

Anonymous said...

what is that comic book called of yu gi oh?