Thursday, January 23, 2014

OMG! Sid actually updated!

So's what's going on.
I am currently holding down two jobs and one of them promoted me to a new management position.
Good things coming from this - More money. So not only will I get bills paid off but also have more moola for commissions.
Bad things coming from this - I will continue to be inactive for annoyingly long stretches of time.

But enough of that.
Your not here for me and my boring life, your here for sexy men being stripped and embarrassed!
So lets have some awesomeness from RedBones shall we!

First up we have Spider-Man in a very embarrassing confrontation with Doctor Octopus.
 All I told RedBones was that I wanted Spidey in a situation that catered to my "Stripped and Embarrassed" fetish and the rest was all his doing! He and I seem to be syncing up in terms of pervy ideas!

Next we have Nathan Drake from the Uncharted games making an excursion into some temple ruins that has a mystical statue guardian with"unique" way of dealing with intruders. ^____^

So grab the ancient idol off it's pedestal and then "SWOOSH!" your clothes are suddenly taken off your body and are now in the multiple hands of the gay god of perversion! I love Nates expression here! He's like "Um...what the hell just happened?"

And in the last part of this commission list I give you Pulsar! He's the original character of my friend TimeMonkey.

 RedBones was kind enough to make two versions with slight variations on the foreskin.
So whats happening here is that Pulsar and his boyfriend Sean were having a little lover quarrel. Some words were said and Sean decided to leave for a bit...but not before taking his frustrations out on his boyfriend by firing a quick barrage of arrows at him. Now he never intended to actually hit Pulsar, it just felt pretty good to shoot some deadly projectiles at him! And of course being the the expert that he is, Sean made sure that they caught hold of Pulsars costume and tore it off in just the right places.
I hope you like this TimeMonkey! ^_^

And the last pic is not a commission but a gift from RedBones!
That makes two awesome gifts he's sent me!
Thank you so much RedBones!
He made this for the three folks he considered his top commissioners, and I am honored that I'm in that exclusive little club!
And while Spidey is supposed to be the character meant for me, I cant help but notice that the other two commissioners guys are two of my favorite Disney men! So this whole pic is just all around awesome!

Well that's all for now folks.
I'll do my best to stay active, but with the current work situation it's gonna be tough.
In fact....*checks his computers clock*....Damn! I gotta be at work in 15 minutes! So I'll see you folkks later! Ta ta! ^_~


Anonymous said...

Yes thanks sidious your awesome ^_^

Anonymous said...

It's no wonder you don't update very often. I mean, it starts out quite investing, you're talking about your own particular fetish, and it's exciting. But as time goes on you see more and more of other people's idea of your fetish, you see the pictures they draw for you, and the messages they send you, you see so much that you're not in it emotionally anymore, you're pantomiming an interest in your own desires.

And to make matters worse, you suddenly have massive amounts of obligation to all the people who've drawn pictures, "Show mine! Show mine!" they all seem to yell, and if you forget one person's over another, well suddenly you've offended one of your own fans. And you never meant to, but how can you possibly keep updating when people just cannot draw things the exact way you want them? They can't possibly know exactly what you like, and then you have to apologise evry time you don't update for a while, you have to apologise to the people who're enjoying your completely free blog. Why the hell should you apologise to them? You're doing them a favour.

Pretty frustrating, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I know about a group of erotic stories I think you'd like. They're called the 'Naked in School' series and there's a lot of them by many different authors. They have main characters who are forced to be naked at school and... Well there 's a lot to explain about. Maybe read some if you have time. You could change it up a bit and post one/some of your own and make it fit your love of naked male embarrassment. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Its a pity you're not more into hypnotism, I would love to be hypnotised and controlled by you, you could make me do any humiliating thing you wanted. ;D

Anonymous said...

*just leave this on the doorstep*

Anonymous said...

Thank you sooooo much. Seding the entire ad is fun. That embarrassed naked guy is sexy!

Icy Indigo said...

Wow, it's been months. Hope you're able to post something soon.