Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Stripoween! (A story by Sidious)

Sorry for being out of touch again guys.
Lifes being a bit of a bitch to me right now.
To make up for leaving you all again, here is a little Halloween story I was able to write over the course of the month.
I hope you all enjoy.

                                                                            HAPPY STRIPOWEEN
                                                                                  By Sidious

“Come on Nash! Give it back!”
Little Ricky Danvers (Dressed up as a knight) jumped up and down, trying to reach his pumpkin-shaped candy pail which was being kept out of his reach by his rather mean older brother. Both stood in the front driveway of their parents house.
“Aw, dose the little baby want his candy?” Nash said in a mocking voice.
“Give it back Nash! I still have other houses to 'Trick Or Treat' at!”
“Just a sec runt. First I'm gonna take some of the good stuff out for myself.”
“No! That's my candy! I went out and got it!”
Nash wouldn’t admit it, but he was doing this because he was a little upset that he couldn’t 'Trick Or Treat' anymore. Having just turned 18 it would now be officially too weird if he went out begging for candy dressed up in a dollar store costume. But dammit he missed it.
So stealing his 12 year old brothers candy and acting like a douche was just his way of keeping the holiday.
“Say your a butt-muncher and maybe I'll give it back to you.”
“Say it or go candyless!”
Ricky frowned up at him. “Fine!” He braced himself. “I’m a but...”
“What the hell?!” Nash yelled as the candy pail floated out of his hand and over to his brother.
Too shocked to react any other way, Ricky held his hands out to accept the pail.
“What kind of supernatural bullshit is this?!” Nash yelled.
“Hey! Whoa!” He then yelled as he held up his arms up straight as though someone had him at gunpoint.
“What are you doing Nash?” Ricky asked his older brother.
“I'm not doing it! Somethings got a hold of my arms! It’s making me Do thMMMPPFF!!!” His sentence turned to indistinct muffled sounds as an invisible force pulled his shirt up and over his head.
“What the hell is going on?!” Nash yelled after his shirt was pulled off him completely.
His hands still forcefully kept in the air, a panicked look spread across his face as he felt something around hid groin area,
His pants were being undone!
“No! No! What the hell is going on?!”
A firm tug from the force saw to it that Nash's pants and boxer shorts quickly found there way to his ankles!
There stood Nash Danvers. Arms raised above his head. Shirt on the ground and pants and boxers around his ankles!
Nash screamed at his predicament and Ricky began backing away in fear.
“Ricky! Get help! Get-What the? Oh no! No! No!”
Nash felt something that seemed like a hand grip his penis and begin pumping it.
This invisible force was jerking him off!
At the continuous shouts of “NO!” from his brother, Ricky ran off yelling for help, but nobody came since they assumed it was just another Halloween prank.
Alone and being jerked off by some invisible force, Nash quieted down and tried to break free but to no avail.
The jerking off of Nash's dick stopped which left the young man with a raging boner that refused to go down.
“Whatever you are, let me go. Let me go now!” He ordered.
At first he thought that the force obeyed him because his arms came down, but then he realized that the force made his arms come down because he still wasn’t in control of his body.
The force began moving his body as though he were a puppet. He walked in jerky movements as though he were a robot. He began yelling again as soon as he realized that the force made him walk right out of his pants and underwear. Now the only item of clothing on his body were his shoes and socks, which somehow emphasized the rest of his nudity.
“What are No. No! No!” He screamed as he realized that the force was making him robot-walk right out into the street which was full of trick-or-treaters!
“Ha! Look at Nash!”
“Great costume dude!”
“What are you supposed to be? A Naked Robot?”
“Holy crap! Look at his boner!”
Nash's ENTIRE body turned red as a beet!
“Please! Please let me go!” he begged the force.
For some listened and let him go.
Nash ran out of the street and back up to his house. He tried to grab his discarded clothing, but the invisible force wasn’t done with him just yet. It grabbed the clothing and began making it float around just out of Nash's reach, just like Nash was doing to his little brother earlier.
He ran around after the floating clothing for a good two minutes before the force threw them up into a tree and well out of reach. During this time, the naked Nash had gained an audience as a large group of laughing trick-or-treaters and other folks gathered around his yard and watched the naked young man chase around what appeared to be his clothes caught in a strong breeze.
Once he realized that retrieving his clothes was a lost cause, Nash tried to get into his front door...but it was locked, and his parents weren’t home.
He had to walk by all the laughing people so that he could get around his house and to the backdoor where a spare key was kept in a flower pot. Or at least it was supposed to be.
The laughing crowd dispersed after they realized that the peep show was over.
Once they were all gone a young man seemed to appear out of thin air.
He had sandy blond hair and was wearing the cheap black robes of a Halloween costume whilst around his chest was some kind of camera on a vest strap.
“That's one. Two more to go.” He said to himself.
His name was Dean Kelsey, A normal 18 year old.
It just so happened that he had been tasked with a very abnormal chore for the evening.

Earlier in the afternoon...

Dean trudged along the sidewalk as he walked home from high school.
He was in a bad mood. This was to be the last year he and his friends celebrated Halloween together before officially becoming adults and no longer go trick-or-treating.
But apparently he was the only one who still cared about it because all his friends backed out and decided not to go tonight.
Dean couldn’t go out by himself since he just turned 18 and it would just be sad if he went out begging for candy by himself. But still...he was really looking forward to having this last Hurrah with his friends.
“Selfish assholes!” He thought to himself. “Caring only about what everyone else at school thinks of them rather than sticking together like friends should.
Dean had even brought his old grim reaper costume in his school bag with him. An old black robe from the local Walmart he had had for years and a rubber skull mask that was starting to fall apart.. A classic costume.
“Well if I'm not going to be treating, I guess I might as well do some tricking.” He thought with a smirk.
Instead of going home he decided to cut through the local cemetery and put on his costume.
He'd come out the other side and wind up in the middle of main street right as trick or treat started. He'd egg and teepee some houses, smash some pumpkins, terrorize some little kids...and he'd blame the whole thing on his friends who were just too cool for trick or treating.
He finished slipping on his robe when he noticed something.
“What the? A pumpkin patch?”
Right off the side of the graveyard, in a little grotto that was like a dent in the forest that ran along the edge of the cemetery, was a pumpkin patch enclosed in a small black fence.
“That's odd, I don’t recall ever seeing this here before. I guess the groundskeeper put it in for Halloween. Although...I don’t recall that grotto being there either.”
Dean walked into the pumpkin patch. He noticed that at the end of the patch was a tall thin scarecrow with a jack-o-lantern for a head standing over the patch, like a king surveying his domain.
“Well...if I'm gonna start being a terror for the night, I might as well go ahead and get started.” Dean said and then kicked in the nearest pumpkin, splattering it everywhere. He made to do the same to the next one when suddenly...
“Just what do you think you are doing?!”
Dean whirled around, expecting to see an angry groundskeeper, but no one was there.
“What the...Whose there?!” Dean asked.
“Behind you fool!”
Dean turned around and let out a tiny shriek as he watched the pumpkin-headed scarecrow crawl off of his perch and stand firmly on the ground before him. Even off the perch, he was a good 2 feet taller than Dean.
“I asked, just what do you think you are doing?”
“You injured one of my courtiers you foolish mortal!” The scarecrow said angrily, gesturing to the smashed pumpkin by Deans feet.
“Huh? One of your what?” The young man looked down at the pumpkin he had kick in. It was then that he noticed something else rather frightening.
“What the hell?!”
All of the pumpkins in the patch had magically gained jack-o-lantern faces and were all staring at him rather disapprovingly.
“Murder! Murder! He's killed one of us! He wants to kill more of us! Murder! Murder!” They all started shouting.
Dean appropriately freaked out and mad to run the hell away from the pumpkin patch...but suddenly vines from the pumpkins sprouted forth and quickly wrapped around his limbs tightly, keeping him trapped in the patch.
“I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I didn’t mean to-”
“Silence mortal!” The scarecrow shouted.
Dean obeyed and shut his mouth.
The scarecrow walked over to the smashed pumpkin and waved it's hand over it.
As if he were seeing a video rewinding, Dean saw the pumpkin un-smash itself and reform right back to it's original spot where it too gained a face like the others.
“Welcome back Phineas. Since you were the one who had his face kicked in, I'll let you decide what this mortals punishment shall be.” The scarecrow said, lovingly caressing the reformed pumpkin.
“Let's eat him! Yes! Yes! Eat! Let us eat him alive where he stands!” came the shouts from the rest of the pumpkins.
Dean let out a yelp of fear as he noticed that these pumpkins seemed to have rather sharp looking fangs in their goofy grins. They may very well be serious.
“I know master!” Said the one called Phineas. “It's been quite a few years, so let's use him as a sacrifice gatherer!”
Sacrifice gatherer? Dean didn’t like the sound of this.
“Hmm...yes it has been a while. But what sort of sacrifice shall I demand this time? I'm assuming that you'd like a nice and bloody human sacrifice since your feeling rather vengeful, right Phineas?”
The pumpkin seemed to giggle a bit. “Well not exactly master Jack. I was thinking of something more along the lines of...” vines shot out from around Phineas and grabbed onto the hem of Deans cheap robe and lifted it up to his chest then firmly pulled down his pants and underwear. “...This!”
Dean swore that he could hear his junk actually make a 'flopping' sound as his pants and undies were quickly yanked down by Phineas's vines.
“Hey! Whoa! Whoa! WHOA! What the hell are you doing?!” Dean yelled.
The scarecrow ignored him and shook his head at Phineas, rather like a loving parent might do to a child that’s told the same joke for the hundredth time.
“Oh Phineas. You are an incurable pervert.”
“I learned from the best Master Jack.”
The scarecrow chuckled. “Very well, this year I will demand the dignity of three men as a sacrifice!”
“Yay! All hail Jack! All hail Jack! Huzzah!” The pumpkin patch cried out.
Dean had a feeling that this would have been their reaction to anything said by the scarecrow.
“So tell me my exposed friend, have you figured out who I am yet?” The scarecrow asked the blushing young man who was desperately trying to hide his unveiled naughty bits despite having all four of his limbs trapped by vines.
“Um..uh..The scarecrow of Oz?” he replied.
“Cute. No my blushing friend. I am Jack! The spirit of Halloween!”
“The what?”
“The spirit of Halloween you fool! I and my little court of pumpkins here arise from the netherworld every October thirty-first to observe the festivities...and if the mood takes me I also demand a sacrifice! And lucky for you I'm feeling more frisky than cruel this year, so here's your task..”
“My task?”
“Yes. The sacrifice must be offered up by a mortal. You are of course free to refuse this task...but then I am allowed to take you back to the netherworld with me if you do. So I assume you wont refuse, yes?”
“, I suppose not. Can I uh...please have my cock and balls covered back up?”
“In a moment, here is your task.”
Jack stretched forth his hand where what seemed to be some kind of camera on a strap suddenly appeared.
“You will wear this and document for my pleasure the sacrifice of three men's dignity.”
“...Do you really need this explained? Fine then. Take this camera and record yourself stripping three men of their garments publicly, thereby sacrificing their dignity to me.”
“You want me to strip three other guys naked? And in front of other people? Dude no way! I'll get arrested and probably beaten to a pulp as well!”
Jack chuckled to himself. “Don't worry. As My official sacrifice gatherer you will be granted limited access to the netherworld’s powers. Invisibility, being able to temporarily control the actions of another person or object. That sort of thing.”
“Whoa! Really?!”
“Yes, really. But don’t get any funny ideas my friend. These powers are only for Sacrifice Gathering, not your own personal enjoyment. Is that understood?”
“Yeah, sure. Sure.”
“Remember, I'll be watching.” Jack tapped the camera. “And you really don’t want to piss off the spirit of Halloween.”
Dean gulped.
Jack waved his hands and the pumpkin vines unwrapped them selves from around Deans body, allowing him to finally pull up his pants and pull down his robe.
“Make sure to get good shots.” Jack said as he tossed the camera towards Dean. The cameras straps came alive and wrapped themselves around Deans torso giving him a chest mounted camera to work with.
“Now go! You only have this one night to accomplish your task or you'll be coming with me to the netherworld.”
Dean frantically nodded his head to show that he understood and ran off, hearing the entire pumpkin patch cackling as he did.

Later that evening...

“I cant believe this! I'm practically a superhero but I cant use any of these special powers unless it's to satisfy that perverted pumpkin!” Dean said to himself as he walked away from the house a very naked Nash Danvers had run into a little earlier.
“What was that now?” said Jacks voice from the camera on Deans chest.
“Holy shit!”
“I told you I'd be watching. Now you'd best watch your mouth and get back to work. You still need to strip two more gentlemen naked before the sacrifice is complete.”
Dean sighed.
“Would you rather I had ordered you to go out and kill three people Dean? Because I've been known to demand blood sacrifice you know!”
“No no no! I'm going! I'm going!”
Dean made his way into the more busy part of town where the folks in the street were a mix of trick or treaters and party goers from the local college. Surely he could find his next two “sacrifices” easily enough in that crowd.
Sure enough, just a couple of minutes searching revealed two perfect victims.
A well muscled blonde jock wearing a fancy roman toga with golden laurels in his hair and his equally well defined friend with shaggy brown hair dressed up as what appeared to be William nothing but shoes, socks, a kilt and blue face-paint.
“Looks like someone else saw Braveheart on HBO last night.” Dean thought as he checked the guy out. “Although...a kilt and blue face paint are kinda a half assed costume dude.”
He watched the guy kinda bounce around as he laughed at a joke his friend in the toga said. As he did so, Dean caught the slightest glimpse of a bare rump when his kilt fluttered up a little.
“Well well, it loos like he's 'going regimental' under his kilt. Hmm...I wonder. What about Toga boy?”
Dean looked around to make sure no one was paying attention to him and then activated the invisibility Jack had granted him.
He snuck up behind the Toga and Kilt clad men and reached out towards the togas hem.
Lifting it up he was greeted to the sight of a very well shaped and very bare butt.
“Jack -pot!” Dean thought with a grin.
“Hey bro! Your costumes caught on something.” Dean heard the Kilt guy say to the Toga guy. “Dude! Your mooning everybody!”
“Shit man!” Toga guy said as he reached around and pulled his Toga back down. “What did it catch on?”
“I don’t know. I just looked down and saw your bare ass sticking out.”
“I cant believe you talked me into going commando like this!”
“Hey man, if I’m not wearing boxers under my costume than neither are you. feels pretty good to be free-balling now and then.”
“Yeah, I guess.”
“Let's just go get a couple of beers.”
The two made there way over to a stand set up in front of the local bar, all the while unaware of the invisible young man following them.
“Heh heh, I'm gonna have some fun with these two before stripping them completely naked.” Dean said to himself.
He activated another power Jack had given him by holding out his hand and concentrating. He could make any item he felt would aid him appear in his hand, and so there manifested...a pair of scissors.
“I need to do this nice and gentle like.” Dean thought.
He crept up behind the Kilt Guy while he leaned on the beer stand and ordered. Very quickly but also very quietly, Dean used the scissors to cut two sections of the kilt right on either side of the guys butt.
“And now for the grand unveiling!” Dean said under his breath.
A quick snip at the top of the kilt made the flap Dean had created out of the back of it fall off, leaving a completely exposed muscular bit of man-ass!
“Ha! The guy doesn’t even notice!” Dean laughed to himself as he watched the guy now wearing only part of a kilt continue leaning against the beer stand, exposed ass sticking out for all to see.
Dean turned his attention to the Toga Guy who was leaning in a similar way. “Now for you bro. Let's have another look at that fine rump of yours.”
Dean crouched down and with a precision that surprised even him, cut a perfect circle around Toga Guys butt.
“Now that really helps to improve this old costume!” He giggled to himself as he backed up and took a look at the two men who were unknowingly mooning every person that walked by.
Dean could hear the whistles and cat calls coming from folks who saw the bare rumps, and so could the rumps owners as well. They finally got their beers and turned around.
“Whats everyone making a fuss about? Sounds like they're egging someone on to strip or something.” Toga Guy said.
“Someone must be drunk enough to think they can do a striptease.” Kilt Guy replied.
Dean did his best to keep from laughing out loud at them.
“Come on Greg.” Toga guy said. “Let's head on over to the Costume Emporium, the other guys should be showing up there soon.”
“Yeah, let's go Mason.”
“So...their names are Greg and Mason huh?” Dean thought to himself as he followed them. “ I was just gonna keep calling them Kilt and Toga.”
Dean followed Greg and Mason through the busy streets and grinned every time someone reacted to their bare butts.
As they neared their location (a store along the main street with a sign that had “Costume Emporium” over it's front door.) Dean decided that it was time to finish up these two.
“Looks like their not here yet.” Mason said. “They should be here soon though. Let's give them a few min-” he suddenly stopped.
“Uh...Mason? Dude? You OK?” Greg said as he waved his hand not holding beer in front of Mason's apparently frozen face.
Dean had activated his ability to temporarily freeze a guy in place. For the moment, Mason couldn’t move a muscle.
Dean grinned and reached out with the scissors towards the shoulder strap that kept Masons Toga on him.
The Toga fluttered down Masons body and pooled around his feet. The still frozen man stood there unable to cover himself.
“Mason! Dude! What the hell!” Greg yelled “Cover yourself bro! Everyone's looking at-”
Greg too fell silent as he was also frozen by Dean.
“Ouch. I can feel a slight headache coming on.” Dean thought. “I don't think Jack intended for me to use these abilities on more than one guy at a time.”
“No I didn’t.” Came Jacks voice from the camera once again. “As a matter of fact, I was thinking of forcing you to hunt down another man to humiliate since you went after two at once. I could count that as one sacrifice you know.”
“Oh come on!” Dean shouted.
“Well, lucky for you the two men you've chosen are excellent specimens, so I'll let it slide. Now get back to humiliating them! The kilt on that one fellow really needs to come off!”
Dean couldn’t help but grin. “That pumpkin head may talk all big...” He thought to himself. “...But he's loving every second of this.”
He placed the scissors right on the belt of Greg's kilt. “Of course...I've been enjoying this too, so I really shouldn’t act all superior.”
The leather belt fell off Greg and was soon followed by his kilt.
Two handsome muscular men now stood frozen next to each other. Naked and on display for all to see.
The crowded street immediately burst out into a ruckus of gasps, laughter, cat calls, appreciative wolf whistles and the clicking of many cameras.
“Now that's a pretty sight” Dean said to himself as he made his way in front of the naked men to get a good look at their fronts. “But I wouldn’t want you guys to catch a cold now, so why don’t you two warm each other up.” He places his hands on both of them and moved them so that they were facing each other. Then, grabbing a hold on the two firm asses, pushed them so that their dicks were touching each other. Taking the opportunity to grope the muscular buns, Dean had Greg and Mason grind their cocks against each other and in no time at all both of them were rock hard!
“Nothing like a little frottage between friends, right guys?” Dean said with a chuckle.
“Greg! Mason! What the hell are you guys doing?!”
The still invisible Dean turned around to see two men coming out of the “Costume Emporium”.
One had the look of Asian heritage with black hair and a slim yet firm build. He was dressed as a cowboy.
The other was black with very short dark hair and a nice muscular body. He was dressed as a cop.
“Leon! Ken! Help us! We aren’t doing this! Something is making us!” Mason shouted at the guys.
Dean spun around to look at him. Apparently his brief shock at the new arrivals allowed for one of his captives to break partially free of his paralysis. He concentrated and Mason went back to being frozen.
“Look guys...”Said the cowboy (Ken apparently) as he walked up to the two. “I’m not judging, it's cool and all that you decided to experiment with each other, but did you have to do it out in public like this?”
“Yeah bro. Do you all know how many websites these pics and vids are gonna be posted on?” The cop (Leon) said, gesturing to the naked mens ever growing audience and the various types of cameras and phones being held up to get a good shot of their public nudity.
Throughout all this, Dean had been continuing to force the men to rub dicks with each other.
“Hmmm...I do believe you two are just about done.” Dean thought and then quickly turned them towards the crowd...where they both immediately came.
Two powerful streams of semen came shooting out at the crowd, eliciting a cheers from some and laughter from others. A few made sounds of disgust...but no one looked away from the scene.
Dean released both Greg and Mason from his control.
Neither one immediately reacted. They were both woozy from their orgasms and still just generally confused. It finally dawned on them that they were able to move of their own free will again which prompted them both to turn red as a tomato from embarrassment, slap their hands over their deflating privates and then run back past their two friends and into the “Costume Emporium” looking for a refuge from their humiliation.
“Dude, can you believe that just happened?” Ken asked Leon.
“Not if I hadn’t seen it with my own two eyes. I mean I always had a feeling that Greg and Mace might kinda have a thing for each other. But to get freaky like that out on the street? Man, that took some serious balls.” Leon said as he watched his two naked friends through the front store windows running into the dressing rooms together to hide.
“Yeah they got balls all right. And just about everyone in town has seen em. Along with everything else they were born with.” Ken chuckled to himself.
“But what was that Mason was shouting? Something about something making them rub dicks?” Leon said with a confused look.
“I don’t know dude. Maybe they were just drunk.” Ken shrugged.
Dean (still invisible) had been catching his breath this whole time. Releasing the two men had suddenly made him realize just how much energy he spent with his power use.
“That will suffice” came Jacks voice from the camera again. “You may now return to me at the cemetery pumpkin patch.”
“Finally this night is almost over with!” Dean said aloud, but in his mind he was a little disappointed at all this perverted fun coming to an end.
“But you wouldn’t hurt to have just two more little sacrifices. Especially when they are practically presenting themselves to you like that.” Jacks sly voice oozed out of the camera.
“Huh? What are you talking about?” Dean said and then looked over towards Ken and Leon. “Oh. Now I see.”
Both men had their backs to Dean, allowing him to notice just how tight the pants of their costumes were and how beautiful the butts contained therein must be.
“Nothing to elaborate this time. Just some nice public exposure will do.” Jack said.
Dean grinned and braced himself for one more big use of his power.
He raised his hands with his thumbs and pointer fingers extended as though he were a kid pretending to have a gun in a game of cops and robbers.
“Stick em up!” He yelled.
The power forced both Ken and Leon to raise their arms up over their heads.
“What the hell?!” Leon shouted.
“BANG!” Dean exclaimed, making a gesture with both hands as if he had just fired his imaginary guns.
And as this gesture was made, everything below the waist on both Leon and Ken was torn away in a flash! Pants and underwear gone! Just their footwear remained. Each mans cock was still jiggling from the force of their clothing’s abrupt removal.
“Holy shit! Leon! Help!” Ken screamed, turning crimson.
“I’m in the same situation here bro!” Leon screamed back.
Both men struggled but this only made the show more enjoyable as it cause their exposed privates to flop around in wonderfully obscene ways.
Dean had them turn around so that all passersby could get a good look.
Both embarrassed men continued to yell as they saw their own voyeuristic audience growing on the street, one with another slew of cameras.
“That’s enough. You better start making your way back here before the night is done.” Came Jacks voice from Deans camera.
“Fine, fine! I'm on my way” Dean sighed.
“I eagerly await your return.”
Dean released Leon and Ken and watched them take the same route as Greg and Mason, running into the store and hiding in the dressing rooms.
Dean turned to leave but halted.
“ for the road.” he said with a grin.
He flicked his hand towards the store window and watched as every door of the mens dressing rooms fell off their frames, exposing the four hiding naked men as well as a few other unlucky guys in the process of changing clothes.
And with a chuckle in his throat and a spring in his step, Dean made his way back to the cemetery.

A little later...

“And so the Gatherer returns.” Jack said and gave a small clap. “Bravo Dean. This has been one of the most delightfully perverted Halloweens in years.”
“Well...uh...your welcome.” Dean stammered, still weirded out by the living scarecrow and pumpkins despite everything he'd experienced this night.
Jack extended his arm and the camera on Deans chest unstrapped itself and floated over to his waiting palm. “Oh yes. This footage will do nicely.”
“So were cool now right? You wont be dragging me into the netherworld with you. Right?”
“Oh are business is almost finished, there's just one more thing.”
Dean looked worried. “And whats that?”
“Well in your efforts as Sacrifice Gatherer, you were unable to participate in the tradition known as 'Trick Or Treat'. So I believe that we must rectify this.”
“Umm...uh..OK, I guess.”
“Now I would say that your temporary access to my powers counts as a treat. Especially with the way you were obviously enjoying yourself. Wouldn’t you agree?”
“Uh...yeah. I'll admit it. I was kinda getting off on stripping those guys.”
“But that leaves the second part of the tradition. The trick.”
Dean didn’t like where this was heading. “Oh no, that's OK. Don’t trouble yourself. Besides, it's trick 'OR' treat, not trick 'AND' treat.”
“Well I'm feeling generous this night. So I'm giving you both parts of the tradition. Now, Are you ready for your trick?”
“Too bad.”
Once again vines shot out from the pumpkin patch towards Dean and wrapped themselves around his limbs. This time they pulled him down to the ground.
Dean stared up in horror as Jack looked down on him with the most devilish of grins.
“All right my loyal followers...” He addressed the jack-o-lanterns around him who all gave out slight giggles of anticipation. “...Let the feast begin!”
Each Jack-o-lantern opened it's mouth to show off very sharp fangs.
Dean screamed in terror as the pumpkins magically leaped forward from their spots in the patch and towards him. Fanged mouths snapping.
Deans screaming continued as he felt the pumpkins mouths next to his skin as they bit down.
In fact, he was so focused on screaming that he didn’t seem to notice that none of the seemingly murderous jack-o-lanterns were tearing into his flesh....merely his clothing.
The old cheap black robe was torn asunder and devoured by the pumpkins. Dean's tee shirt and jeans soon followed, as did his sneakers and socks.
Dean finally realized what was up and stopped screaming and instead resorted to yelling at the perverted pumpkins.
“Hey what the hell!? This was just another stupid excuse to get someone naked?! I thought you were all going to eat me alive!”
Jack continued his grinning. “Well they very well could have, bit Phineas begged them to eat only your clothing. He's taken quite a liking to you. Speaking of which....”Jack turned his attention to the pumpkins fighting over the last shreds of Deans pants. “Phineas? Would you care to finish this off?”
The pumpkin in question bounced up onto Deans stomach, facing his underwear clad crotch. “Oh of course Master Jack! Thank you so much!”
Phineas then puckered his pumpkiny mouth and began sucking in.
Dean could feel is underwear unraveling!
Thread by thread the undergarments were sucked up into the jack-o-lanterns mouth like a long strand of spaghetti, until finally Deans private parts once again lay exposed to the pumpkin patch.
“OK, Fine I'm completely naked now. Are we done here?”
“Oh no dear boy. The trick isn’t over just yet.” Jack cooed.
More vines came forth and forced Deans legs apart and up in the air, exposing his most private areas to the spirit of Halloween.
“Were just getting to one of my favorite parts.” Jack began undoing the front of his pants.
“No wait! You cant mean-” Another vine shot out and wrapped around Deans mouth, silencing him.
Jack knelt in to perform his 'trick' and stared down at the naked struggling for beneath him.
His jack-o-lantern eyes glowed with a hellish light.
“Happy Halloween Dean.”

Later that night, as 'Trick-Or-Treat' comes to a close...

“Wow! This was one awesome Halloween!” Exclaimed little Ricky Danvers as he towed his now very heavy candy-filled pumpkin pail back home. He had actually had to skip a few houses giving out treats because he just didn’t have room for any more.
As he made his way back home he heard some people running up behind him. He turned just in time to see four men pass him by. Two were completely naked and two were wearing just the top portions of a cowboy and policeman costumes, their bottom halves being completely bare. They seemed to be shouting things about getting home as soon as possible before even more people saw them naked.
Ricky sighed. “Grown ups. They do the weirdest things.”
He arrived home to find it still locked up. “Mom and dad must still be out.” He said to himself.
“Psst! Ricky! Hey Ricky!” came a desperate whistle from the bushes next to the front door.
“Huh? Nash? Is that you?” He leaned over to get a better look. “Why are you still naked?”
“I cant get into the house, the spare key went missing and I'm not coming out there for someone else to see my naked ass and post it up on YouTube! Gimme something to cover with! Please!” Nash pleaded.
Ricky felt that his brother had had enough punishment for the night and told him to come out and he'd give him the cape off his knight costume which Nash promptly put around his waist like a towel.
The two brothers sat on the front porch watching the last of the trick-or-treaters making their ways home.
“If you promise to be nice to me until the new year I'll share my candy with you.” Ricky said.
“Yeah sure pipsqueak, whatever.” Nash said and then reached over to grab some treats from the pumpkin pail.
“You brought that on yourself you know. The whole getting stripped naked thing.” Ricky stated, matter-of-factually.
Nash frowned at him. “Oh yeah? How so?”
“You interfered with my trick-or-treating. The spirit of Halloween saw that and decided to punish you.” Ricky then blushed a little. “It just decided to do it in a really naughty way for some reason.”
“Yeah well...I'm kinda inclined to believe that. Seriously, there was some scary shit at work there. I couldn’t move and my clothes came off on their own.” Nash turned red all over at the embarrassing memory. “Yeah Ricky, The spirit of Halloween really fucked me this year.”
“Buddy, trust me. You don’t know what it means to be fucked by the spirit of Halloween.” A voice said from the sidewalk in front of the Danvers house.
“What the...” Nash and Ricky said as they saw the speaker.
A young man Nash's age. Completely naked with his hands tied behind his back by what looked like vines.
“Happy Stripoween!” The guy said and shook his hips around making his cock and balls flop about. He then stopped and began walking his way toward the next house.
“Hey dude, what are you doing?” Nash asked.
“Trust me. I don’t wanna be doing this. But I kinda don’t have a choice.”
“Trust me. It's best not to get involved anymore than you already are.” The mysterious naked man walked off, leaving the Danvers brothers more confused than ever.
“Just a few more streets and six more guys Dean. Come on, you can do this!” Dean said to himself.
Jacks last part of the trick (after the fucking) had been a little curse that would cause the naked Dean to slowly walk home (which was something of a mercy since he wasn’t going to be able to walk straight for almost a week) and shake his naughty bits to at least ten different men all while proclaiming a 'Happy Stripoween' to them.
“I'm starting to think that I should have had him drag me into the netherworld.” Dean groaned as he saw a couple of guys talking to each other up ahead. He braced himself and got his junk ready to wiggle.
“Happy Stripoween!”

The end.
….Until next year perhaps?


XenaStorm said...

Very good story! Would be great if this could really happens

Christoph said...

Nice to see you back. Hope all is going well. Great story - looking forward to more.

Anonymous said...

Wish u had more freetime, this story was sexy!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Finally got to reading this, and I don't think I could've done anything better to pass the night. Really sexy and well written. You're a fantastic writter! Really looking forward for more of your stories and any other type of post on this blog I have always loved, but for some reason haven't had the courage to post anything even though I've been following since the old blog haha.

Really man, no pressure at all, take your time, but I hope we see you soon with more awesome stuff. Happy (really late) Halloween!

Anonymous said...

That first part with Nash being forced to robot walk naked is possibly one of the sexiest things I've ever read, if I had that power I'd have made him dance for the crowd as well!

Anonymous said...

Do a story about Judge Dredd please! :D