Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy (late 1 day) Halloween!

Just popping in to wish you all a belated Happy Halloween!
And here's a couple of tricky treats for you!

First there is this request pic made for me on Y!Gallery!

It features a sorcerer/wizard summoning some ghosts to steal the costumes off of men!

And it inspired me to write a very short sequel to my fic from last year.
Here ya go!

                                                       Happy Stripoween 2

“Trick or Treat”
“Aren’t you a little old for this?”
“Yeah whatever, just give me the candy.”
This little exchange was shared between a man called Dave and a trick-or-treater at his front door who was clearly in his late teens or perhaps early twenties, and not wearing a costume either.
Well, unless you counted annoying college-age asshole as a costume.
Dave just sighed and tossed a candy bar into the plastic shopping bag the guy was holding out.
“Thanks old man.” he said and walked off.
Dave scowled as he closed his door. He was only 33, that wasn’t that old. And Halloween was one of his favorite holidays and now he was in a bad mood.
As a matter of fact he was in just a bad enough mood to do “that”.
“Yeah. I think I will”
A quick walk up to the attic and the pulling aside of an old dusty sheet saw Dave standing in front of a large ornate mirror with strange writing around it.
“Shudayn Muthaq Bavred Zogradus.” Dave muttered under his breath and the writing around the mirror began to glow, then the mirrors reflection faded and was replaced by the image of a cloaked figure.
“Thank you for calling the Sorcery Tribunals Express Line. We will process your call as soon as...oh, Hi Dave.”
“Hi Dargus. Long time no see.”
“I'll say! It's been almost fifty years since I last heard from you, Hows retirement on that human world?”
OK, so maybe he wasn’t really 33. More like 3000. And his name wasn’t Dave, it was Davragon. But he likes “Dave” just fine.
And he may not have exactly been human, in fact he may have actually been a member of a long lived, extra-dimensional, sorcerous race of beings known as the Tashvari.
“Oh it's been fine. But that’s kinda what I'm calling about. You see...I need a special dispensation for my seal.”
“Oh Dave, you know that we cant just give something like out without the whole Tribunals permission.”
“Oh come on. Do me a favor. Friend to a friend. I only need it for one night and it will remain local. Just the town I'm living in will be involved.”
“Well...OK. Just dont do anything too crazy Dave.”
“Of course. Nothing...too crazy.” Dave said with a grin.
Dargus sighed and produced a piece of paper from the depths of his cloak. It began to glow then float from his hand and right out of the mirror and into Dave's waiting palm. The mirror shimmered and then returned to being just a mirror.
Dave eyed the glowing page and let out a little chuckle.
You see, whenever a Tashvari opts to retire, he chooses a world of “lesser beings” to live on and he blends in by allowing the tribunal to seal away most of his natural sorcerous powers.
With this special dispensation in his possession Dave could feel himself brim with the familiar feeling of his full power.
“Alright then. Let's get this trick underway!”

A short time later, Dave was in his living room and surrounded by a large magic circle on the floor.
“Vazran Dothku! Myrithoz Gosvul! Fenvill! Barothkok!”
And with those words the circle began to glow and the floor shook a little.
Suddenly Dave was surround by a dozen vaguely humanoid ghostly figures.
“What is thy bidding master?” They all spoke at once.
“Thank you for heeding my call. I have summoned you here on this All Hallows Eve to help me cause some mischief and perhaps instill a bit of fear into these mortals. They once donned costumes in an attempt to ward off spirits. Now they do it in order to receive treats, but there are those who do not even do that.”
“And what would you have us do master?”
Daves smile became devious. “You are to scour this town for all males taking part in the tradition of 'Trick Or Treat'. If they are wearing a costume than leave them be, but if they are not, heh heh heh...then you are to disrobe them at once!”
“Disrobe them?”
“Yes! Strip them. Undress them. Leave them completely naked and exposed!”
The ghostly figures all giggled.
“It shall be done.”
And with that the figures vanished.
“Well...” said Dave “I better get my camera. Heh heh, Trick-Or-Treat indeed.”

Chaz Drummond snatched his fourth bag of candy from a little kid. “Nice haul this year.” He snickered while looking at the candy. “And it looks like I'm about to get a little more heh heh.” Chaz noticed another kid coming down the street.
“OK kid. Fork over the candy or I'll have to knock you out!”
The kid stopped in his tracks...but instead of being afraid and handing over the candy he began pointing and laughing at Chaz.
“What's your deal kid? What is-” Chaz cut himself off as he looked down and noticed his state of undress.
“What the hell! My clothes are gone!”

All over the town, similar scenes were taking place.
Mr. Ellis had been forced to take his sons out for trick or treat and had been stealing some of their candy when he felt a sudden draft and heard his sons giggling.

Brandon Pratt and Zeke Hodder were too busy smashing jack-o-lanterns to immediately notice their clothes being yanked off of them.

Derek Cranley, Daves earlier visitor, was continuing his half-assed trick or treating.
He knocked on a door and held his bag out. “Trick or treat.” he said.
The person opening the door froze as soon as they saw Derek and then slammed the door.
“What the hell?” Derek said in shock.
And then he saw his reflection in the window next to the door.
“Holy shit!” He yelled as he threw his candy sack over his now exposed privates.

A couple of hours later and Dave found himself the proud owner of a huge haul of pictures of naked and embarrassed men as the denuded guys ran up and down his street in panic.

“Heh heh, Happy Stripoween!”

                                                                         The End



Anonymous said...

I love it! I wish you would write more! Would have love to been there to see the hot mayhem!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you up and writing again~ ;D