Monday, July 8, 2013

Deviant Discoveries 1 - Ben02

As I'm sure you all know, Y!Gallery is the only online commuinty I'm really active in. As such, almost all the artist contacts I make come from there.
But recently I've been browsing DeviantArt more and more and have found people on there that are willing to dabble in the fetish of seeing men stripped and embarrassed.
So I'm gonna do a little series that will feature the works of DeviantArt users that fit into my fetish.
The first of these users to be featured is Ben02.

This users specialty seems to be photo editing scenes of male embarrassment.
The first pic of theirs I noticed was this little scene of a man on the beach who angered a crab by kicking it.
Unfortunately for him this was a crab that knows how to fight back and somehow snatched the speedos right off of the sexy stud!
I love how one of the crabs buddies is there to cheer him on in the denuding of the human!

But whats this? Oh no!
It seems that this situation has now given the crabs a taste for man-flesh!
Exposed and blushing man-flesh!
So some crabs make there way over to an unsuspecting innocent bystander and....YOINK!
Down go the trunks and up goes the embarrassment!
All hail the pantsing crabs! Power to the stripping crustaceans!

And now here's an odd but amusing entry.
A hunter was on the prowl for the legendary Sasquatch and actually found it's lair.
Unfortunately for him the Sasquatches babies were in the lair...and they really liked the colorful clothes he was wearing.
So I'm sure you can guess what happened next.
He better get out of there before the momma and papa Sasquatches show up!

Dogs are man best friend.
....Unless the man in question happens to be a crook!

But if you aren't a crook, Dogs can be a great companion. You can even teach them tricks.
Tricks like...snatching off the towel of a dude changing on the beach!
Here's what Ben02 wrote down for this scene...
"Mike was in his car about to slip on his swim trunks when he saw a blonde babe walk into a changing tent. He dropped his swim trunks, wrapped a towel around his waist, and ran over to the tent! Lucky for him, he found a hole he could peep into... Corey was walking down the beach with his dog Max, looking out for anything suspicious. Of course, that's when he found himself a peeping tom! Mike was unaware that he had been discovered; he continued to get aroused by his view. "Lets teach this pervert a lesson" said Corey. Max locked on his target... suddenly, Mike jumped when he heard a vicious barking! *SWOOSH* Mike felt the air rush between his legs! He turned around to see the dog running off with his towel!"

And sometime you don't need to train a dog to do such things.
Sometimes a dog can just tell that a little bit of forced nudity is need to ensure that justice is dealt out.
Such was the case with a certain beach bully!
Here's what Ben02 wrote down for this scene...
"Ryan enjoyed strutting down the beach and messing with the kids. He'd always stomp all over their sand castles and shove seaweed down their swim trunks. Today, he saw 3 boys working hard on a huge sandcastle... perfect for Ryan to knock down. He walked up to them and pushed them into their own castle! "You won't get away with this!", one of the boys screamed. "Oh yeah!? just wait till I find some seaweed to shove down your shorts!" Ryan said in his cocky tone. Suddenly, he felt sharp pain in his ass! RRRRIIIIPPPP! Ryan yelped! He turned around to see the beach patrol dog running away with a familiar blue cloth in its mouth.... then felt a breeze in his nether regions that made him realize, HE WAS NAKED! The boys laughed hysterically as their bully stood naked before them. Ryan quickly covered his privates with only his hands and ran away embarrassed as the boys taunted him."

And now lets move from dogs and go to cats.
A certain famous cat actually. Puss In Boots!
Ben02 came up with this hilarious scene where a guy at a bar is going to attack Puss and then...well...this happens.
(In Ben02's own words) This thug apparently didn't think cats belong in bars so he was planning on turning Puss into a fur scarf. But Puss caught onto this scheme and decided to humiliate him by slicing off his clothes! The thug felt a sudden breeze...
The thug realized his is clothes had been stripped clean! He blushed, embarrassed as he stood naked before the furry hero he had planned on killing.

These pics have me giggling so much!
Here's hoping that Ben02 will give us more awesomely hilarious scenes of men getting stripped and embarrassed in the future.

I'll see you all in a few days with a new "Deviant Discoveries" post!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Happy Belated 4th of July

Sorry for dissappearing again for a few days.
Independence Day is always a very busy time for me with family gatherings and cook-outs.
But I didn't forget about the blog and I do indeed have a small post to make in honor of the fourth.

So.....4th of July huh?
America huh?
Lets go with the theme of......Red, White and Blue.
.....And I think that Spider-Man and The Human Torch fit the criteria pretty well.
So I present to you a commission for the wonderful Timemonkey made by the awesome Gene Lightfoot.
This animation is just....PERFECT!!! XD

I really love both of them for making this!
Doesn't it look like something I would totally come up with?
Timemonkey and I really think alike sometimes.
And I have fallen in love with Gene Lightfoots work. I really hope he goes a long way in the gay art community.

Now Timemonkey revealed to me that there is another reason I immediately liked this commission of his.
He based the idea off of an older comic commission of mine from a few years ago.
I have posted it before on my original blog, but I suppose I should post it here as well.

The rest if the images in this post are by an artist known as AbsintheStudios, who (as far as I know) is no longer active in the online gay art community. But his art is still awesome, so I will share a bit of it with you here.

This is the comic I commissioned a few years ago.

And what say we finish off the Independence Day post with two of the two most American superheroes out there.
DC's Superman and Marvel's Captain America.

The Superman pic is totally an idea I could've come up with!

And the Cap pic features him giving his hardworking teammates a bit of a treat!

Se ya in the next post folks!