Sunday, July 7, 2013

Happy Belated 4th of July

Sorry for dissappearing again for a few days.
Independence Day is always a very busy time for me with family gatherings and cook-outs.
But I didn't forget about the blog and I do indeed have a small post to make in honor of the fourth.

So.....4th of July huh?
America huh?
Lets go with the theme of......Red, White and Blue.
.....And I think that Spider-Man and The Human Torch fit the criteria pretty well.
So I present to you a commission for the wonderful Timemonkey made by the awesome Gene Lightfoot.
This animation is just....PERFECT!!! XD

I really love both of them for making this!
Doesn't it look like something I would totally come up with?
Timemonkey and I really think alike sometimes.
And I have fallen in love with Gene Lightfoots work. I really hope he goes a long way in the gay art community.

Now Timemonkey revealed to me that there is another reason I immediately liked this commission of his.
He based the idea off of an older comic commission of mine from a few years ago.
I have posted it before on my original blog, but I suppose I should post it here as well.

The rest if the images in this post are by an artist known as AbsintheStudios, who (as far as I know) is no longer active in the online gay art community. But his art is still awesome, so I will share a bit of it with you here.

This is the comic I commissioned a few years ago.

And what say we finish off the Independence Day post with two of the two most American superheroes out there.
DC's Superman and Marvel's Captain America.

The Superman pic is totally an idea I could've come up with!

And the Cap pic features him giving his hardworking teammates a bit of a treat!

Se ya in the next post folks!


Anonymous said...

I've noticed that a lot of your commissioned art work features circumcised penises. Is this detail left up to the artist or do you have a method for whose dick gets a hood and whose doesn't? Also is this an indicator of your personal status/preference?

Sidious said...

Half and half.
I sometimes leave it up to the artist and I sometimes request one or the other.
I myself am circumcised, so exposed glands and little foreskin is just what I'm used to, which means that a circumcised penis is usually the default penis in my mind when I come up with a commission idea.(Oh how closed-minded American of me!)
Sometimes I'll take into account what a characters penis should look like depending on what era of history/place in the world they are in....but that's very rare. Usually it's just whatever I feel like at the time.
I have no particular like or dislike of foreskin. All penises are beautiful!
An unhooded dong is just what I'm used to seeing so that gets reflected in my commissions.
I try to be a bit inclusive. You'll notice that in my animated commission of the guys getting their swim trunks stolen that two men are cut and two men are not.
I actually requested that of RedBones.