Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Gambit Stripped By The Danger Room

So here we go again, another attempt to get this blog going.
And what an attempt it is! Woo hoo!
You all have seen to various commissions I've gotten from artists that feature Gambit of the X-Men being stripped by the Danger Room.
Well I decided that one more wouldn't hurt!
And I really think that you'll like it! ^__^
Prepare to be amazed!

This was made for me by Redbones and I absolutely love it!
My blog may be the only place you can see this piece of awesomeness.
It seems to be unable to post on Y!Gallery and Tumblr, so for the time being this is a Sids Corner exclusive!


Anonymous said...

Very nice! Took me a few minutes to get it to work but very nice when it did!

Sidious said...

Just out of curiosity Timemonkey, what was wrong with it for those first few minutes?
I only ask becasue neither I nor Redbones could get it to post to Y!Gallery or Tumblr, so I just wanna make sure there isn't something up with the gif itself.

Anonymous said...

At first it was just kind of blinking, or staticy at me then I clicked on it and it opened a new window and started working. Then the normal version worked.

mikey kun said...

love it

Anonymous said...

You're back!!! Love it !!

Anonymous said...

weird, now it's only stripping him of his coat before resetting.

Anonymous said...

Great to see you back after such a long time away, but not certain why you're thinking only one post in months will jump start the blog again. Hope you are planning on more as I really miss when this blog was active.