Friday, February 25, 2011

Embarrassment Enhancements

OK folks, this time we have a couple of pics and a couple of videos!
First up we have the scene from "Drop Dead Fred" that you should all be familiar with by now since I've mentioned it a few times.
I was very surprised to find that almost everyone who likes embarrassment nudity knows of this scene and considers it one of the best examples of the fetish.
Anywho, on to the video!
Lets ogle some sexy muscular toga-clad waiter ass! XD

And as you can tell, all thanks goes to Cinemale for that clip.
Now as awesome as that scene is, we all need to admit that it could have been better if we got a frontal shot!
And that leads us to why this post is called Embarrassment Enhancements.
I am taking classic embarrassment scenes that I love and commissioning artists to enhance them so that nothing is hidden! XD
For these two pics, we will be getting our art from the awesome J.C. ^__^
So here it is! The long awaited frontal view of the de-togaed waiter from Drop Dead Fred!

Awwwww yeah! That was awesome! ^__^
And now onto the next scene!

In the mid 90s the Lawrence brothers stared in a sitcom called Brotherly Love. Good God! The filthy things I wanted to do to Joey Lawrence! Hell, he still looks good these days and I would totally jump his bones!
Anywho, one of the early episodes featured the second youngest brother Matt joining the drama club at school and doing Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Nights Dream". Standard sitcom fare. But throughout this episode is a subplot with the eldest brother Joe (Which I have affectionately titled The Naked Joe Subplot) which ends with him posing naked in front of an art class!
Now I have included the entire subplot storyline in this clip rather than just the final scene because it is all just so darn amusing. Brotherly Love was actually a really good show.
And you have just got to love Lloyd (the big guy) in this clip, for various reasons, not the least of which being what he dose to Joe at the very end.
Oh, and I put the wrong episode number in this clips title.
This all happened in episode 4, not episode 6.
Sorry about that. : P
Anyway...on to the clip! XD

And so here we are!
Joey Lawrence..oops! I mean Joe Roman in all his glory! XD
This is what that ladies head was keeping us all from seeing in the clip. Dammit bitch! Move your fucking head!
Sorry, I get a little mean when you come between me and my embarrassment nudity.

Didn't J.C. do one hell of an awesome job with this pic? It looks sooooo good.
And I am not just referring to that delicious looking piece of dangling man-meat!
I love how he not only did his best to get the face to look just like Joe but he also did an awesome job with he background! He even altered the sketches on the wall to be more fitting with this scene! XD
I loves ya J.C.
Here's hoping we can do business again in the future! *Kissy Kissy*

I'll see ya all in the next post. ^__~

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day from Sid and Tux

Sid - Hey guys! I just wanted to wish you all a happy valentines day! But you all need a present to go with that, so I decided to bring in one of my long time anime crushes to help out. TUXEDO MASK! Say hello Tux.

Tux - ...

Sid - Oh that's right, I forgot that I had to paralyze him in order to do what I wanted to do. Silly me.

Tux -

Sid - Now now Tux, don't go fighting it. You agreed to help me give everyone a nice present for valentines day. So lets get started!

Sid - Woo hoo! Look at them naughty bits jiggle!

Tux - *blushing*

Sid - OK, I guess that's enough for today. Just let me get a few more good gropes in there.

*Grope* *Fondle* *Grope* Fondle*

Sid - Alrighty, that should be good enough for todays perversion. Time to let him go.



Sid - Tee hee! *disappears*

Tux - You sick pervert! How the hell am I going to get home like this?!

*He notices something is missing*

Tux - Wait a minute. Wheres the rose I was just holding?

Tux - How did he even...? Oh god. Time for the most humiliating exit Tuxedo Mask has ever made. *blush*

*dashes away*