Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sids Wall Of Conquests!

I did it again guys.
I let my blog hibernate for far too long.
Well..I think we've all come to understand that I am a sporadic blogger.
I promise to try harder!

Anywho...on to today's post!

Here we have a lovely piece of art feature none other than yours truly!
Or at least how I like my online self to be perceived. :P
And behind me is a wall filled with pictures of guys from various mediums of fiction that I took right after relieving them of all or just enough of there clothing! XD

Real pretty aint it? ^_^
This delightful pic was made for me by the extremely talented Tonberryknight for me to use as my ID on Y!Gallery.
But I thought you folks might like a better look at it, so here it is in all it beautiful commissioned glory!

Each and everyone one of those Polaroids must have a very interesting story behind them! XD

In other news...
I have downloaded a LOT of vids that are relevant to my interests (Stripped and Embarrassed of course) and think I am ready to try and put out another Embarrassment Musical. music. :(
Seriously, I cant find one piece of music that I think I can turn into a new embarrassment music vid.
Can you guys help me out? Any suggestions?