Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sids Wall Of Conquests!

I did it again guys.
I let my blog hibernate for far too long.
Well..I think we've all come to understand that I am a sporadic blogger.
I promise to try harder!

Anywho...on to today's post!

Here we have a lovely piece of art feature none other than yours truly!
Or at least how I like my online self to be perceived. :P
And behind me is a wall filled with pictures of guys from various mediums of fiction that I took right after relieving them of all or just enough of there clothing! XD

Real pretty aint it? ^_^
This delightful pic was made for me by the extremely talented Tonberryknight for me to use as my ID on Y!Gallery.
But I thought you folks might like a better look at it, so here it is in all it beautiful commissioned glory!

Each and everyone one of those Polaroids must have a very interesting story behind them! XD

In other news...
I have downloaded a LOT of vids that are relevant to my interests (Stripped and Embarrassed of course) and think I am ready to try and put out another Embarrassment Musical. music. :(
Seriously, I cant find one piece of music that I think I can turn into a new embarrassment music vid.
Can you guys help me out? Any suggestions?


Freddie said...

We don't really pay attention the music anyways, right? XP

Anonymous said...

I loved the last one, but the only thing was, sometimes I wanted to see the actual clip/movie. Huge fan of stripped/embarrassment nudity, and I am wondering if you could post a link to the whole vids as well.

Keep Posting said...

Down in Mexico by The Coasters

Jubell said...

"Get Naked" by Methods of Mayhem!


"Birthday Suit" From Cattanooga Cats

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you remembered the blog! And still depantsing fictional characters, If you have another in mind, let know! I'm more than willing to illustrate one of your stories.

Anonymous said...

I'd still like to see a list of sources for the 2nd musical. If you could be bothered I'd really appreciate it. Particularly the bit at 3:10. Thanks