Friday, August 29, 2008

Sids Video Pic Collage 1

I'm pretty sure that most of you have seen these pics somewhere before.
But I hope you'll find it amusing anyway.
So here is a video collage featureing various embarrassment themed pics, most of which I was invovled with in some way. Not all of them, just a lot of them.
Please enjoy! ^_^

And now for another announcment!
As you can see, the "sprites" of the various characters being stripped I have in the blogs title and in the sidebar now have a slightly better look to them.
So lets all give a big double thank you to the artist Heyohwhoa!
Not only was he the one who created these guys for me but he was also kind enough to re-edit them so that they fit into my blogs layout better!
Thank you Heyohwhoa!!! ^_^

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Half naked dancing elves!

There is nothing in this posts title I didn't like! XD

Why am I doing this?
Well for a few reasons actually.

1. These Caramelldansen things are just so damn mesmerizing!
2. I love Humbugeds characters and am glad to advertise his blog!
3. Dancing muscly elves in underwear! Whats not to like?
4. It looks like Cyl forced Keric to strip down and join him in the dance, and Kerics lovely blush makes this a fitting piece for my embarrassment fetish!

Watch it and love it!!! XD

More wonderfulness can be found at Humbugeds blog, The Humplex!

And be on the look out for the next chapter in Humbugeds extremely hot Flash Game series. Keric's Komplex!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Musical clips info

Ok, some folks were requesting info on each of the clips I used in the Embarrassment Musical. So I'll list the source of each clip below (If I know it).

This is a collection of screenshots from the musical. Each clip is represented in it and each have a number underneath it.
If you want to know the soucre of that clip than match it's number up with the number in the title list below the screenshot pic to discover it's source.

1. Sex in the City (TV Show)
2. Buying The Cow (Movie)
3. Unknown (It was from a video montage)
4. Beefcake (Movie)
5. Unknown (Although I know it's from a British TV Show)
6. Last Dance (Movie)
7. Get Over It (Movie)
8. 3 Ninjas Kick Back (Movie)
9. Dr. Who (TV Show)
10. Night Stand (TV Show, actually this is a blooper from that show)
11. M&M Minis Commercial
12. Commercial for some Sony product
13. A Beef Jerkey Commercial
14. VERY Old Gay Erotica
15. Stonewall & Riot (CG Porn)
16. The Strip (TV Show from New Zealand)
17. Also from The Strip.
18. Stripped for a Laugh (British Softcore Gay Porn)
19. The Nude Bomb (Movie)
20. Bleed (Movie)
21. Tomcats (Movie)
22. Heatseeker (Movie)
23. Drop Dead Fred (Movie)
24. The Accidental Spy (Movie)
25. Meet Prince Charming (Movie)
26. Random video of a guy being pantsed by his friend.
27. Unknown (I know the naked man with the towel is an athlete but thats all)
28. Wrestlemania X (Wrestler Shawn Michales having his butt exposed)
29. How The West Was Naked (Softcore Erotica from Sharpshooter Studios)
30. Samurai Fantasy (Animated Gay Porn TRYING to look like anime)
31. The Nude Bomb (Same as #19)
32. A Commercial for laundry detergent.
33. Unknown (I think it's from some bad 80's sex comedy)
34. Brotherly Love (TV Show)
35. I'll Be Home For Christmas (Movie)
36. The Road to Wellville (Movie)
37. Unknown (It's from a Thai movie)
38. Unknown (Yet another unknown asian movie)
39. Eurotrip (Movie)
40. Another REALLY old Gay Erotica
41. Stripped for a Laugh (Same as #18)
42. Sixty Million Dollar Man (A comedy film from Hong Kong)
43. Dead Silence (Movie)
44. The Heavenly Kid (Movie)
45. A Home Video that's been on various "Americas Funniest" shows, usualy censored.
46. Buckleroos (Gay Porn)
47. Meatballs (Movie)
48. Romeo and Juliet (One of many film versions of the play, from 1968)
49. Joseph Andrews (Movie)
50. College (A soon to be released film staring Drake Bell)

Well, there we go. I hope that was informative enough for you all. Heh heh.
Let me know if you want to know anything else or if you have info on the clips I have listed as "Unknown".
Enjoy. ^_^