Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Half naked dancing elves!

There is nothing in this posts title I didn't like! XD

Why am I doing this?
Well for a few reasons actually.

1. These Caramelldansen things are just so damn mesmerizing!
2. I love Humbugeds characters and am glad to advertise his blog!
3. Dancing muscly elves in underwear! Whats not to like?
4. It looks like Cyl forced Keric to strip down and join him in the dance, and Kerics lovely blush makes this a fitting piece for my embarrassment fetish!

Watch it and love it!!! XD

More wonderfulness can be found at Humbugeds blog, The Humplex!

And be on the look out for the next chapter in Humbugeds extremely hot Flash Game series. Keric's Komplex!

1 comment:

timemonkey said...

Video's not workign for me but it's okay as I've seen it before. I've been waiting for Keric's Komplex 3 since the second one came out. The suspence is driving me mad!