Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Post of randomness!

Wow! I have really neglected my poor little blog haven't I.
Heh heh.
Well here is a random post with random pics from one of my many folders!
Just to liven things up a bit. ^_^

Theres nothing like a good old classic!
Here we have a brave warrior rescusing a young lad from danger.....but only after the boys pants have somehow found there way around his ankles!
"No time to worry about your dignity! We must escape!"

I came across this random piece of fan art quite some time ago, and I just love it's randomness! XD
This is Bill Weasley (one of Ron Weasleys many brothers from the Harry Potter stories) and he has just gotten out of the shower...only to find a group of mischievous faeries stealing his underwear and towel.
"It's naked time!!!"

I was looking all over for this pic and finally found it! XD
I dedicate this pic to Soupgoblin.
I employed his help in trying to find this pic sometime ago but he wasn't able to find it, however he did indicate that he would like to see it if I ever found it!
So here it is!
Ryus hot ass exposed and Ken getting an up close and personal look at it!
Look at those blushes! XD

Ahhhh, one of the many kiribans I have one during my time at Y!Gallery.
This is from the artist Tammalee (as the pic clearly states).
It is me (Sidious) in a slightly "chibi" form sneaking up behind Kakashi from the anime Naruto and yanking his pants and undies down so that I can get at his juicy bits! XD
I'm not really a big fan of Naruto but I have always liked Kakashi! ^__^

Heres an old commission of mine.
This is Louie, the main character from the anime "Rune Soldier Louie".
He is attempting to cast a spell, but being the clutz he is, he causes all of his clothing to disappear!
This could have been an actual scene in the anime, it's very in character for Louie. But the shows creators didn't seem to keen on any embarrassment nudity scenes with Louie.
Poo! :P

This is a classic piece of Masanori art.
At least I'm pretty sure i'ts Masanoris. I seem to remember first seeing it years ago on his website.
Well, more recently, Soupgoblin posted it on his blog and I was like "Hey! I remember that pic! It was awesome!" and so here it is for all of you to enjoy.
I've always wanted to see a guy lose a boxing match by having his shorts pulled down and/or off and him being to embarrassed to continue the fight! XD

And so Spider-Man rescued all the male models that Mysterio had kidnapped but failed to realise that Mysterio had infected them all with an aphrodisiac.
Now he must fight off there attempts to "thank" there rescuer!
"Ok guys...come on...stop it...I don't...oh god that feels good...I mean...oh wow...lets not do anything we'll regret later...where are you putting your toung!?



Anonymous said...

Yay, new post! I've been checking daily for them. ^_^

Some very nice pics this time. Is there any more with that Spider-Man thing?

Sidious said...

I dont know if there is or not.
It's just something I found at random. :P

Ward said...

I love to top one especially, with the kid over the guy's sholder. I forget the artist's name but his work is really hot.

Glad you are posting again, it's been too long!!

Sidious said...

I think the artist name was Frey.
I think.
I've seen some very nice Frey art before ( I especialy loved his comics) and this pic seems to have the same style as his.
Of course I could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's a Frey pic.

SoupGoblin said...

I ADORE that Ryu/Ken one! Thanks so much for finding it, Sid!

preddyuk said...

jeese i havnt seen that pic for ages,i did it using satori xl ,like 6 plus years ago,where did you find it?

Sidious said...

To which pic are you referring preddyuk? ^_^