Sunday, October 28, 2012

Nice Butt Shot In A Kids Movie

So I was watching some videos from a  certain internet personality when I heard him mention a movie called "A Gnome Named Gnorm" that is also know by the alternate title of "Up World".
My mind suddenly jumped at that.
"Wait a minute. Didn't I watch that movie years ago when I was young?"
A quick Google search confirmed that yes indeed this was the movie I was thinking of.

It also reminded me of the fact that I was actually a little bit scared of the Gnome character when I was little.
Despite being a movie meant for my age group at the time, I found the main character kinda creepy.
Yeah...I was a total wuss.
But then my mind started thinking again.
Surely just being creeped out by the main character isn't what would make this rather bland movie stick out in my memories.
And then it hit me!
Holy crap! This movie had one of my favorite stripped and embarrassment scenes from when I was younger! How could I forget?!

Well I did an even more thorough Internet search and found the movie itself, So I present to you one of the embarrassment nudity scenes from my childhood that turned me into the weirdo I am today.

You see Gnorm the Gnome has the ability to make people fall asleep so he can escape.
He uses this ability on Police Detective Kaminsky (played by Mark Harelik) who was keeping an eye on him.
But you see, Kaminsky had Gnorm strip searched when he was  caught, and the Gnome is still kinda bitter about that. So he doesn't just escape after putting Kaminsky to sleep. No, he strips him naked first and then escapes.
That is a surprising amount of butt showing for a kids movie!
I looks like we might even get a little bit of a shot of his pubes area.
Oh, if you were wondering what was up with his nose, he got punched earlier by the main hero cop so he's got tissues stuffed in his nose to stop the bleeding.
Detective Kaminsky is kind of the bully character of the movie, so he deserves to be punched and left naked. That's kinda how we dealt with movie bullies in the early 90's.

Oh and of course I have this scene for you in video from as well!
The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced that this scene influenced what I find hot these days.
A sleeping man is stripped of all his clothing (save for just enough that adds to his humiliation, like the necktie) by a fantastical creature who then leaves the denuded man in a very embarrassing situation where he is seen naked by lots of people.

...My god! That sounds like so many of my story and commission ideas these days!

Well, I hope you all enjoyed this look into my strange past.
Have a Happy Halloween.