Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Hello boils and ghouls, and Happy Halloween!
Yup, that's right, this is gonna be my Halloween post.
I'm a little upset though. This was going to be a new Vlog episode but my video editor crashed on me twice and wouldn't create the file, so we'll have to celebrate Halloween with an old fashion blog post.
So here we go, how shall I bring my embarrassment fetish into this holiday?
I think I'll tell you all about a couple of little characters that have popped up in some commissions of mine.
Ghosts.Spirits of the dead, doomed to wander the earth, never knowing the peace that death was supposed to give them.
And cute faced little floating sheets!

Everyone remembers seeing little guys like this floating around in peoples Halloween decorations, and of course since they are a part of my childhood memories, I feel the perverse need to use them in my embarrassment fetish!'s not entirely my fault this time around.
I stole the idea to use these ghosts to strip people from an artist on DeviantArt named legmuscle.
He dose some brilliant art that focuses on stripped and embarrassed scenarios.
But where I focus on men being embarrassed, he prefers to focus on the fairer sex.
Now thats all well and good, I likey the ladies just as much as the men (I'm sure that surprises some of you - Thats a subject for another time) but I definitely prefer seeing men on the receiving end of a good embarrassment nudity scene!
But that doesn't mean I cant appreciate the wonderfulness of an embarrassment scene no matter whose in it.
Which leads us to this pic I found in legmuscles gallery.

I friggin loved this idea!
Two cartoony ghosts, using their...uh...ghosty powers to phase the clothes right off of a person without them noticing it!
And so since this idea was so awesome I needed to take it and see if it worked on guys as well as it seemed to on ladies.

The results were most satisfactory!
Their first appearance in a commission of mine involved them meeting Gourry from the anime Slayers and is drawn by Demona.
Slayers is one of my all time favorite animes by the way.

Now while Gourry is a handsome man and very skilled swordsman, he is not the brightest bulb in the box. The ghosties realized this and took advantage of his inability to notice things right away.
You gotta love that man.

The second time I used these two little guys was in a Ranma commission.
Ranma Saotome saw the two ghosties coming towards him and thought they were looking for a fight. He got in a battle stance and waited for them to attack, but instead they just passed right through him, but they also took some souvenirs with them.

I love how they leave a few items of clothing on the folks they strip! It makes the rest of their nudity so much more noticeable and embarrassing.
This was drawn for me by Goldenkitsunequeen on Y!Gallery and she did a great job with it. I am especially fond of the onlookers she drew in the background!

The next time I used them, I returned to the Slayers fandom and had them go after Gourry again but also added Zelgadis into the mix as well!
This time around, instead of a pic I asked for a comic.
I think the stripping works so much better in a comic format!

This is probably one of my all time favorite commissions.
I technically consider it incomplete, because one day I want to pay FruitDrop to go back and color it for me!

Thats all I have used the ghosties for so far, but I already have plans to use them for some more stuff.
But before I end this post I'd like to show you these pics.
The ghosties weren't my first try at haunted house molesters!
Before them I liked to use disembodied ghost hands to hold guys in place and then undress and molest them!
I used this scenario on both Zel and Gourry not once but twice! XD

I'm afraid thats all I have for Halloween this year, I had a story in mind. I called it the "Pervy Pumpkin Patch", but I couldn't get it written out well, so no story this year.
Oh well, maybe I'll try and type it up anyway and post it as a late Halloween treat sometime in November. ^_~