Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Spidey Commission Goodness. ^_^

This commission of mine is by the wonderfully talented artist Frenchie!
Spidey was lost in thought and didn't notice hat he was headed right towards a flag pole. He is able to dodge it at the last second thanks to his spider sense....but unfortunately for him his costume didn't fair so well.
The flag pole caught a hold of his costumes lower half and...well...see what happened for yourself. ^_^

And here we have an amusing lite commission.
This one is by JC Art.
Spidey was just minding his own business when all of the sudden...
Some invisible hands start to unmask more ways than one!

Same pic but with a colorful background! ^_^

And this one is not a commission.
It is a pic drawn by Spryte!
He decided to draw his own version of "Sidious" having his way with every ones favorite wallcrawller. ^_^

Heh heh. I cant believe I forgot to post this one earlier.
This commission is from the artist Gojira.
Lovely isn't it. ^_^
Johnny and Spidey were having a friendly little argument when Johnny decided to suddenly end it by Flaming On and Burning/Tearing Spideys pants off!
Well that's one way to win an argument! XD