Thursday, July 31, 2008

Embarrassment : The Musical

Everyone knows I love to see guys in embarrassing situations that more often than not involve them losing there clothes.
So it shouldn't be too hard to imagine that I have collected various video clips that suit this fetish of mine.
And now I have decided to put them to good use! ^_^
Recently I thought that it was way past time for me to learn how to use Windows Movie Maker.
So here is my first serious attempt at making a video with Movie Maker.
I present to you...

Embarrassment : The Musical

There is a reason why the Cantonese version of "Anything Goes" from the
"Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" soundtrack was used.
The results of a recent game I played on Y!Gallery said that this version of "Anything Goes" is what best describes my life.
Heh heh. It was quite amusing at the time, but then I thought "Hey! That's a great choice for a music video!"
And thus the Embarrassment Musical was born.

I really hope you all got a laugh out of this.
And if you found it sexy...well...Welcome To The "Embarrassment Fetish" Family!


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Total Drama Embarrassment!

Have you all heard of a cartoon called "Total Drama Island"?
Well now you have! XD
It's a Canadian cartoon that just started showing on Cartoon Network a little while ago.
And...well...what it has taught me is....Canadian cartoons can get away with a lot of stuff!
One of my favorite things they do is they have at least one guy lose his clothes/dignity like every third episode.
So here are some examples of the fine embarrassment scenes this show from our Canadian friends gives us!

Did you all enjoy that?
I hope so, and I hope that you'll give this show a chance.
Not just for the embarrassment scenes (although that's what sold me on it) but because it's a genuinely funny!
Here's it's Wikipedia entry.
Read up and learn to love it. ^_^

And yes, I'm hoping to make posting videos a more common occurrence here in Sids Corner.

Monday, July 28, 2008

First Post!

Well here we are!
A new blog, and it's time to get some posts up.
And what better way to celebrate my return to blogging than by ripping the seat of Spider-mans pants off?

Thats right, there is nothing better!
Enjoy yall! ^_^