Thursday, May 27, 2010

Random Post of Randmoness # 2

OK! Here we go with some more randomness! XD

There is a wonderful new artist (new to Y!Gallery anyway) going by the name of Tracto!
And they are made of so much awesome!
Not only are they talented as hell, they also share my fetish of seeing guys stripped and embarrassed! It was online love at first sight! ^__^
It was when I saw this little comic that I knew me and Tracto where get along just fine.

And they even think like me!
Here they have Harry Potter suffering from someone using the Accio summoning charm on his clothes, which is an idea I've toyed with in previous requests and commissions.

Hey! Remember my Spider-Man story "Prancing Pervert Pants Free"?
Well Tracto read it and loved it. They even drew a scene from it!
Poor Spidey has no pants and must now do with a small thong made of webs to hide his dignity.

Tracto is just too good to me! They are always willing to hear me talk about my ideas and are even making a short comic for my birthday. It features a certain X-Men member being stripped naked. That's all I'll say for now. Mwahahaha! XD


And speaking of Spidey...
Here we have another Y!Gallery artist named Sablechan.
He drew this pic of Spider-Man for a friend, and as soon as I saw it I was all "KYAAA! AWESOME!"
And then Sablechan was like "If you like it so much would you like to commission your own Spidey pic from me?"
And I was like "Yes please!" ^__^
Spidey really needs to invests in a stronger brand of spandex.
If it's not your own boner ripping out of your pants than it's an overzealous villain tearing your costume in a very embarrassing place during a fight. XD


Ah Demona!
She is one of those artists that has a special place in my heart!
So often she has listened to me ramble on about my weird ideas and never has she refused a commission from me, no matter how strange. And believe me I have commissioned some doozies. :P
So she decided to make me a little birthday gift.
She remembered that my first anime love was Darien/Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon.
So here we have him being walked in on while attempting to give himself a little self love.
And whats this? Oh dear, it appears that his voyeur also has a camera .
Sorry Tux, but you can expect this video to be up on the in internet very shortly.

Ah ha! But the Tuxedo Mask fun doesn't end there! ^_^


Another artist who has found himself on my Commission list is Utenabaron.
Without any push from me, he started a little project dedicated to Darien/Tuxedo Mask and I just had to get my licks in there. So I commissioned my own Tux pic from him! ^_^

Darien has run into some of his fans, and they are really happy to see him.
You can tell that he just doesn't know how to react as his fans start to unmask him.
Unmask him thoroughly! Mwahahahaha!!! XD

Now we go from Japan to Canada!
Last year a new Canadian cartoon started up called "Stoked".
I immediately fell in love with it.
Well...really I fell in love with one of it's main male characters. Reef.
Reef has had his swimming trunks fall down at least twice so far, and if that trend continues than Cartoon Network can coint on me a a loyal viewer!
So here I got Reef commissioned!

And now from Canada to the U.S.
Poor poor Gambit.
All he wanted to do was train in the Danger Room for a little while, but it seems ti have malfunctioned and decided that it's goal is to strip Gambit naked!
He fought off the Danger Rooms attempts to strip him for a while but then suddenly...
Gambit looks down at his now mostly naked body as some metal tentacles make off with his stolen clothes! XD
Isn't that view just awesome! XD
This is not the first time I have asked to see Gambit being stripped by the Danger Room (nor will it be the last).
Lets have a look at another rendition of this scene!


Her we go!
The talented Karulox drew up this little scene for me (and he's currently working on another pic for me too).
Is this not just one of the hottest versions of Gambit ever!
He did a great job at capturing Gambits emotions as he realizes he's gonna be stripped naked and put on display for anyone who comes into the Danger Room!
Ahhhh, sweet sweet humiliation! ^___^


Raja815 is yet another awesome person from Y!Gallery.
She is a huge supporter of the Roy Mustang and Jean Havoc pairing from Fullmetal Alchemist.
I'm quite fond of that pairing as well.
Which is why I came up with this lovely little idea that she drew for me.

Havoc asked Roy to go to the beach with him and after some pestering he finally agreed.
But when Havoc presented him with a pair of skimpy black speedos as a gift, well...he wasnt having any of that and said forget it and put on his plain old swimming trunks.
Havoc was rather upset at Roy so as soon as he saw that Roy had fallen asleep, he took his trunks right off him and then burned them.
He then left the skimpy speedos next to Roy. If Roy didnt want to spend the rest of the trip completely naked than he would have to put them on! XD


And now I'd like to introduce you to Cartoonjunkie and their two characters Earl Riley and Steve Dunn. They belong to an ongoing story known as Roommates.
I cant explain it but for some reason I immediately fell in love with these two guys.
Now Earl and Steve are not a couple. But there is some thing between them that I choose to interpret as sexual tension.
They both belong entirely to Cartoonjunkie and anything I have them do is not "canon". Only CJ can decided what is canon for the Roommates story.
But...they are kind enough to let me commission them with Roommates stuff that satiates my perverted needs. ^____^

First we have Earl trying to grab a book off a shelf and Steve feeling mischievous and deciding to pants poor Earl who unfortunately (for him) has gone commando today.

And then later on Earl got Steve to play a tabletop RPG with him.
But Steve kinda took over the game and Earl keeps finding his character getting stripped and/or molested constantly.
I really hope CJ dose some more with these guys. I love em! XD


And now we come to the wonderful CrimsonBlood.
Crim is such a lovable guy. ^_^
And he's an awesome artist too, as can be seen by this commission of mine.

Here we see an unlucky hero being set upon by a group of bandits. They have taken everything from him. Literally everything. They've left him naked as the day he was born and even stole his dignity. But they may still not be done. It looks like some of them might wanna have a bit more fun with him before they leave him to be found by the local villagers. XD
Just look at the muscles on that guy! Crim outdid himself with this pic.
The captive hero is actually based upon this guy from the RPG Maker computer program.
I always liked to use him as my hero whenever I used RPG Maker. So of course I had to find a way to strip him naked at some point! ^______^


And now we come to the end of another random post. I think I might do another soon so keep an eye out for me! ^_~

Monday, May 24, 2010

Random Post of Randmoness # 1

OK folks!
I'm gonna make a couple of big ass posts for the next couple of days to make up for being inactive again.
Alright, lets dive right into this! ^_^

First lets take a look at some Disney guys, minus some clothing and dignity.
Now nothing too "naughty" is visible thanks to some amusing censors.
This pic is by the DeviantArt user Resin12.
I really hope they'll do more in the future, because I find these pics very amusing! ^_^

A small word of warning to those tat go to Resing12s DA page.
The naked Prince Philip pic also has a naked Aurora in it. So don't view it if you don't like the idea if seeing Disney boobies. XD
I'm sure some of you are upset that you can see any Disney dongs (HA) in this pic collage.
Well I think that the next pic will more than make up for that. ^___^

Here we go!
That is one fine piece of meat Aladdin has there.
I always liked the idea of the Sultans guards ripping Als clothes off when they threw him in the dungeon. It would have made the meeting with Jafar later much more awkward and hilarious!
This pic was made for me by Mark579 (who I believe is no longer active on Y!Gallery unfortunately).


A commission from Rafidel on Y!Gallery.
There is just not enough sexy fanart of Ranma on the internet.
Well...not the male version anyway. There are millions of female Ranma pics. :P
This commission is my attempt to rectify that problem.


OK, This pic is actually meant to be a bot of a challenge to you guys.
I have had this pic for years and I'm pretty sure it is supposed to be the character Recca from the manga/anime"Flame of Recca".
As much as I love it, I have no idea whats going on!
Can any of you folks that can read Japanese tell me what is being said in the word balloons.


Ah yes. Here is a commission of mine from the artist 2046.
Isn't it lovely! ^__^


My darling darling FruitDrop! Your are just awesome!
Here folks, check out two commissions this wonderful person has done for me.

Here we have Zelgadsi and Gourry from the anime "Slayers" trying to esacpe some naughty tentacles but loseing there pants and dignity in the process! XD
And here is a commission that's not fanart. GASP!
I always loved this scene in the movie "Drop Dead Fred" where a waiter dressed in a Roman toga has it fall off him when the titular character steals the clasp holding it together.
Check out a small animated gif of that scene RIGHT HERE!
So I asked Fruitdrop to draw me a guy in the same situation.
When asked for a reference for the soon to be naked waiter, I randomly chose Drake Bell (who I think is kinda hot) but with a more muscular build.
And here we are!
Isn't he just precious!
Oh, and speaking of Drake Bell...


Did anyone see the spoof "Superhero Movie"?
Well it was one of the better movies to come out in the past few years.
It was mainly a Spider-man spoof and stared Drake Bell as the Peter Parker character Rick Riker who becomes the hero Dragonfly.
Well there was a short scene where Dragonfly changed into his cotume to quicjly and runs onto the scene not realizing that half of his pants are not on and his white briefs can be scene.

At my request, Michael of the blog Bare Naked Men has allowed us to see an alternate version of the scene where Dragonfly also forgot to where underwear on that day. Tee hee! ^_^

Oh, and speaking of the Bare Naked Men blog...


Michael has continued to indulge my requests for more Shawn Michaels edits!
This is a famous centerfold picture the Shawn did years ago, but we decided that he didnt need the championship belt covering all that lovely flesh!
Here is a link to the original pic where he still has the belt on.
And here is the back. BUTT SHOT!


From the ever lovin Kidnova!
This is actually a birthday gift to me. He asked me what I wanted and I said "Gimme some Spider-Man!"
And he made sure to pander to my "Stripped and Embarrassed" fetish big time!
Somehow Peter Parker has been stripped naked and tied up and not only was he photographed but he has also been "Tagged" on Facebook! XD


Here we have an older and a newer commission from the artist JCArtBlog on Y!Gallery.
Despite the length of time between these commission they are meant to be bookend pics.
Here we have Gourry and Zelgadis from "Slayers" both captured by the same pervert and stripped down in the same dungeon.
Aren't these two pics just beyond awesome! ^__^